This is a personal blog. I am not affiliated with Costco in any way.
But, we needed a place for Costco shoppers to say hi.
I hope you enjoy the stay. Have a nice day.

Vons with club card at 10:46pm


I had a very light dinner tonight (Salmon & Vegetable, all from Costco).  By 10PM, I was craving all kinds of food.  I wanted some meat and desert.  So I headed out to Vons around 10:30PM

Vons Receipt
Check it out.  Spent $23.63, saved $28.37
55% savings

On the way to Vons, I dropped by a Mobil station.  I topped off my gas tank with $30.00 worth of gas.  Cheapest gas is now $4.49/Gallon

Vons had ribeye steak for $3.99/lb.  Ribeye, New York, and T bone steak  occasionally sell for $3.99/lb.  This is when I stock up with good meat.  I found the smallest value pack for $15.52 (5 pack).  You can't find this kind of deal at Costco.  Not even close.

I also purchased a pack of Lucerne chocolate ice cream for $2.99.  I would never buy a pack of ice cream at a normal price at $5~$6 each.  Ice creams are bad for you to begin with.

I felt guilty about buying all the bad food, so I picked up some fruits.

I had a nice medium-rare ribeye steak close to midnight.  It was a fantastic meal for only $3.10.  Chocolate ice cream coming up.

Vons Ribeye Steak Sale


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