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364 Days to Christmas


OK, 364 more days for next Christmas :(

But, for Costco shoppers, Christmas will arrive in August.

So, 8 more months to go.   :)

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Costco Shopping - Mrs Scrooge, Adolfo Suits


Ah! it was a glorious Costco shopping today.  It was fun.

I plan to have a BBQ baby back rib Sunday, so I bought a jar of pickle chips to go with it.  I already have ribs and BBQ sauce I got from Costco.  There will be some good eatin'.

Christmas is in full swing at Costco.  I looked at every single item there.  Then I turned back to make one more round.  I love 48" Twinkling LED Snowman.  I hope I will have enough cash to buy it next month.

I saw Costco's Christmas Cookies (European Cookies), but I didn't see Chocolates of the World yet.

Christmas area at Costco was beautiful.  I said hello to parents with their babies playing with Christmas toys.  There were music boxes playing Christmas tuns.  Everyone was smiling.  There were kids checking out toys.

I bought a beautiful water globe and 100 LED lights.

Then there was one old lady.  She was alone and was talking to herself loud "Christmas already?" "It's only September"  "I mean, come on! this is ridiculous" "This is not right"...   She was keep walking and talking around Christmas section to make her point.  But... she was only proving that she was not a happy person (probably doesn't like sex).  She looked mean~!! Foot in mouth

I don't care if Christmas is commercialized.  Christmas makes millions of people happy.  A lot of people don't think about true meaning of Christmas.  That's perfectly fine.  The point is we have fun.  I thank God Christmas is commercialized. To me, it is not right for some people to get angry at Christmas and spread bitterness when we're only trying to have some fun once a year.  We are not hurting anyone.  OK, we are stupid, let us enjoy and spend money. Just let us be...

And I thank Costco for bringing Christmas early.


I thought I was done shopping with $50 worth of merchandise in the cart.  Then I saw Adolfo men's suits roadshow. For less than $100, I could have Adolfo suit.  They even had my pants size.  So, I picked up a set.  Ah~!! There is always something at Costco.

So, I ended up spending $150.00+

Now I have three brand new suits that I never wear.  haha~!


I spent a lot of time looking at Adolfo Suits, so when I was done shopping, food court was closed.  After Costco, I went to Wal*mart, Home Depot, and Smart and Final.  I came home mighty hungry at 10pm.

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First Christmas Gift - 2012


I received my first Christmas gift of 2012 from my new neighbor.

Story continues... :)

First Chirstmas Gift 2012

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First Sign of Christmas at Costco - July 28, 2012


Today is Saturday July 28, 2012.  It was 92 degrees outside.  I didn't have anything to buy today at Costco, but I dropped by at Costco to look for any sign of Christmas.

And I found them~!!  Look at these Christmas ribbons, they look so cute and happy.

This is my first sign of Christmas 2012.

Christmas may seem far away, but here is a run down.

  • Labor Day is 1 month away - This is the last Summer holiday. The peak of Summer is behind us.
  • Halloween is technically a month after Labor Day.
    • At this point, you will see Christmas at a lot of stores - rest of the stores will try to catch up on Christmas decorations.
  • Thanksgiving Day follows 3 weeks after Halloween. 
    • Christmas will be everywhere at this point.

These Christmas ribbons are significant.  This is it...  here it comes...

 Below is a bonus picture.
Halloween item at Costco today.


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False Alarm - No Christmas Yet


I freaked out when I saw these ribbons.

I walked up to them an looked closely.  But there was no snow flake design.

Hew~!  I got a little excited there for a moment.


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Christmas 2012 Approaching Fast - At Costco


It's 3am, Tueday May 29, 2012.

Yesterday was Memorial Day.

Memorial Day marks unofficial beginning of Summer.   It also means we are approaching the peak of the year (The hump month, so to speak).

To me, Memorial Day also means Christmas is coming to Costco in about 2 months.  They usually bring out ribbons with holiday design around July.  And we shall see snow man and rudolph by August.  That's roughly 2 months from now.


So, to celebrate, I am listening to Christmas music right now at 3am.  I also watched Polar Express earlier.

I should start practicing Christmas music with my guitar.  It takes 3-4 months to practice one song.  I am not talented, so I need many months of practice.

I won $100 last year for playing a Christmas tune for my family.  (Anyone participated won $100.  It was not fair, because some of them performed more than one act, and won $200+ Yell).  Haha...  It's OK.

I am going to give it about 10 more weeks.  Then we are going to start seeing Christmas at Costco.  I better be good for goodness sake, because I have a list for Santa this year. 

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Mini Blog: 12 Days of Christmas - Plan B


Last year, I wore Santa hat for a full month until Christmas.  I wore my Santa Hat out on Thanksgiving night.  People said "Merry Christmas" to me on Thanksgiving night.  Christmas 2010 was long and fun.

This year, I've only worn my Santa hat three times so far.  We now only have 12 days left until Christmas.  I haven't done anything yet.  This is sad.  I didn't plan for this.

So, I came up with plan B.

I shall go out and do something every night after work until Christmas.  I will do mostly shopping.  And I will go look at Christmas lights, take pictures, and etc...   My goal is to enjoy Christmas spirit until I am physically tired and cannot take it any more.

Update: So far I am loving my 12 Days of Christmas Plan B.  I feel very good.  I feel strange that I go out like this alone.  I am finally enjoying Christmas in the air.  Anyway, I believe there is nothing like a Christmas in your own house with your own family.  If you are single, you must be strong during the holiday season.  Don't get depressed.  God bless single people. 


Below is my mini blog

Click to view all 12 days (this is a long page)

  • December 25, 2011 (Sunday) - Merry Christmas! I woke up early and did my 3rd annual Coin up Laundry thing.  I put coins in all machines (3 washers & 3 dryers) so whoever doing laundry will get free wash & dry.  We have a lot of poor people living in here, that's why I started this.  I had a nice morning coffee.  Now I shall make turkey...
  • December 24, 2011 (Saturday) - I drove over 2 county lines for a family gathering.  I played Christmas song with my acoustic guitar.  My father took us to a seafood restaurant and said "Eat whatever you want."  When my father says that, you better go for expensive ones.  No time to be polite.

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Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas 2011 everyone.  Have fun.

It's Friday.  I'm still at work, but nobody is working.  We are so distracted.  I guess we will all go home early today.

It is my ultimate goal to have Christmas with my own family in my own house.  I want to have that magic moment, too.  I'll have to find a girlfriend first. :)  Until then, I will keep it positive and enjoy the season as much as I can.

3 more days to enjoy Christmas~!  I am having wonderful time so far.

God bless everyone.  God bless single people.

Please be safe.

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Costco (Christmas) Shopping - August 21 & 27, 2011


I've been busy.  I've been putting a lot of hours at work lately.  I hope that means I will have a better paycheck next time.  I've been making very little money. I had to take out $5.000.00 from my savings account so I can survive.

I tell ya, times are tough. Frown

I went to Costco on August 21st and 27th (2011).

Costco stocked yet another kind of coffee grinder for $29.99.  This Krups burr coffee grinder easily goes for $60-70 elsewhere. 

Costco's Krups Coffee Grinder has mixed online reviews.  It has overall 3 out of 5 stars.  I figured half of the negative reviews are written by mechanically challenged people.  This is is now my primary coffee grinder.  It works fine with me.

Costco LED Santa Claus

And I bought some other stuff.

But, what's important is that it's Christmas time at Costco.  If you like Christmas like I do, this may be the time to make a list.  The whole point is that you are enjoying sentimental Christmas feeling from now for next 4 months. 

I bought a toy helicopter for my nephew.  And I bought a small LED Santa figurine for my desk.  The figurines come in 4 designs; Santa, snowman, penguin, & angel.  3 AA batteries power 3 LED lights.  NiMH batteries last about 100 hours.

LED Snowman was equally cute.  I stood there for a few minutes, torn between Santa and snowman.  I took Santa home, but I may have to go back for snowman.  Penguin was cute but penguin didn't look "Christmas" enough.  Angel was not even cute.  LED Santa was $9.99.   Batteries were not included.

I took the LED Santa home, turn off all the lights at my APT, and turned on the Santa.  That moment officially marked my Christmas season. 

Times are tough.  I am putting a lot of over time without any promise.  But, I am mentally relaxed and feel happy.  It's Christmas time.  Nothing else matters.

This year, I would like to bring happy feelings to even more of my neighbors, not just one or two.

- To be continued -

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Chocolates Of the World & European Cookies - Revisited


Remember this picture from last year?

I bought five jugs of Chocolates of the World and three cans of European cookies 10 months ago (October 14, 2010 blog)

from October 14, 2010 blog

On my blog I said something about my self control.   And I also said these chocolates would last a year.

Today is August 10, 2011.  I still have one and a half jugs of Chocolates of the World.  I have more than a half can of European cookies. Cookies are in the refrigerator. One jug of Chocolates of the World is in the freezer.  It's been frozen for 10 months.

I have been enjoying these snacks for last 10 months.  I eat one or two Chocolates every week.  I enjoy cookies with or without coffee.  My friends freak out when I serve these for them.  Stocking up on these Christmas snacks was a good idea. 

I hope Costco will carry them again this season, so I can do the same for next year.  But, I don't think I can spend $80.00 like the last time.  I am so poor this year.  I just thank God I still have a job.

These snacks are Costco's Christmas tradition.  If you haven't tried them, don't miss out this year.

August 10, 2011 - 10 months later

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