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Christmas shopping started - 2 nephews done



Christmas shopping has officially begun.  I bought gifts for 2 nephews today.

I bought 2 RC cars from Costco, they were $49 for a set of two.  I paid $34 after $15.00 coupon.

Then I went to Wal*Mart and bought a $100.00 worth of rechargeable batteries and a 15 minutes charger.  I believe my nephews will like the batteries.  With today's electronic gadgets, you can never have too much batteries.  And 15 minute recharging time is cool.

Now I have about $70.00 allowance for my niece. 

RC Cars costco

Christmas is for the children.  I spend all my possible money on the youngsters.  My grown up family members udnerstand that I don't buy gifts for grown ups.  We have fun watching the kids opening presents. 

For grown ups, I bring cakes and shrimp cocktails from Costco.  I can't wait to Christmas. 4 months will fly by.  Oh boy...

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Linens'n Things insults my intelligence



My favorite Linens'n Things store is closing.  I knew about Linens'n Things filing chapter 11, but this hit me personally.  I shop here all the time.  They have quality products.  They have fun household items... and they take expired coupons - I collect their coupons, even the expired ones, so I always get 20% off from Linens'n Things.

They said the entire store was on sale.  But I don't get excited over this kind of sales gimmicks.  I had to investigate more.  So, I went inside...

Linens 'n Things closing

Linens'n Things is well known for their 20% off coupons.  They even take expired coupons.  Bad Bath and Beyond also takes Linens'n Things coupons, even the expired ones.  So, I have a collection of 20-30 Linens'n Things coupons all the time.

I looked inside the store.  As I imagined, most of the items were only 10% off from their normal price.  10% didn't do much for me.  But I still have my 20% off coupons.   

I spent about thirty minutes looking for a few kitchen items.  I got my coupons out and went to the cashier.  I was ready to make another record breaking bargain. 

However, when I got to the counter, the cashier said "You cannot use coupons anymore".  That's right, you cannot use coupons.  So, instead of getting 30% off like I anticipated, I was only going to get 10% off.  I was extremely angry and felt insulted.  I just wasted 30 minutes of my life I will never get back.  I can go to Bad Bath & Beyond and get a better price with a better selection (since their stores are not closing).

"Wow~! that makes everything REALLY expensive".  I said loud so other people can hear.

I put down my items on the counter and walked away.  The cashier didn't appreciate my attitude.  But who cares.

The store is closing.... instead of my usual 20% off, they are now giving me only 10% off.  That's an insult.  Of course, there were some items with 30% off.  But those are the items people don't want. 

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Heart Rate Monitor



I wanted to replace my old Heart Rate monitor with a newer model.  My current heart rate monitor is pretty old.  It's not fun anymore.  I wanted to have more functions with more accuracy, so I would better understand my physical fitness and well being.

Polar RS400sd - one that Costco doesn't carry

I really wanted buy a new heart rate monitor from Costco.  In fact Costco does carry a good heart rate monitor, but it's missing some minor features that I was looking for.

So I had to turn to Ebay for this major purchase.  I bought Polar RS400sd package.  It comes with a foot pod to calculate distant.  I can transfer data to home computer so I can keep record.

I understand Costco doesn't carry everything in the world.  So, we must make purchases at somewhere else.  But it's all good.

Sorry Costco.

Posted By john

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Vons with club card at 10:46pm



I had a very light dinner tonight (Salmon & Vegetable, all from Costco).  By 10PM, I was craving all kinds of food.  I wanted some meat and desert.  So I headed out to Vons around 10:30PM

Vons Receipt
Check it out.  Spent $23.63, saved $28.37
55% savings

On the way to Vons, I dropped by a Mobil station.  I topped off my gas tank with $30.00 worth of gas.  Cheapest gas is now $4.49/Gallon

Vons had ribeye steak for $3.99/lb.  Ribeye, New York, and T bone steak  occasionally sell for $3.99/lb.  This is when I stock up with good meat.  I found the smallest value pack for $15.52 (5 pack).  You can't find this kind of deal at Costco.  Not even close.

I also purchased a pack of Lucerne chocolate ice cream for $2.99.  I would never buy a pack of ice cream at a normal price at $5~$6 each.  Ice creams are bad for you to begin with.

I felt guilty about buying all the bad food, so I picked up some fruits.

I had a nice medium-rare ribeye steak close to midnight.  It was a fantastic meal for only $3.10.  Chocolate ice cream coming up.

Vons Ribeye Steak Sale

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