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General Shopping

Grocery Shopping This Week (Not Costco)



I went to Vons, Ralphs, & Albertsons.

I bought:
bananas, broccoli, tomatoes, peaches, plums, blueberries, & squashes

I spent total $8.25
I saved $15.11
And I made $1.00 donation at Vons for MDA research.

I did good.

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Grocery Shopping - Sign of Getting Old



This is another sign of getting old.  Nobody has to tell me to eat fruits and vegetables anymore.  I eat 5+ servings of fruits and vegetables every day.  Also, I workout.  And I still worry about getting sick and dying too early. Haha..

This is my typical day's diet.

  • Morning: Juice (2 apples, 3 potatoes, 4 carrots, some fruits).
  • Breakfast & snack (at work): Fruits - 2 serving size.
  • Lunch: I stopped eating fast food.
  • Dinner: Balanced with vegetables.
  • Night (sometimes): 1 serving of fruit.

My take on eating good:

  • If you eat bad - you feel satisfied for that moment.  And you feel bad for the rest of your life. You have a better chance of getting sick and die. And you look bad.
  • If you eat good - Food is still enjoyable.  I can still enjoy bad food in moderate amount.  I feel good for the rest of my life. And I look better.
  • Food is addiction just like tobacco.  - Food industry is putting stuff that people cannot resist.  Think about that the next time when you eat insane amount of fat, salt, or sugar.  If I open a can of Pringles, I usually finish the whole can in a day or two.  I know I must stop, but I keep eating.  Why is that?  But if you understand the fact that industry is designing food so you eat more, then you have a better chance of fighting that craving. 

I went out on a routine grocery shopping on Sunday night.  Ralphs had some good stuff.

8 corns, 3 peaches, 3 nectarines, 3 oranges, 3 bananas, & 2 bags of grapes.  Total Price: $8.56. All from Ralphs

inside of my mini cooler on a typical morning
Fruit of the season & any vegetables I found on sale

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Eyeglasses Shopping Status Report



I am almost done with my "Shopping for Eyeglasses" project.

My initial budget was $400.00 or less.
I am afraid I am going to spend over $500.00 total.

But, most people buy 2-3 pairs of glasses with $500.00 (including exam).

I am going for 7-8 pairs total. 

Some of the eyeglasses I have so far

Posted By john

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Saturday Night Grocery Shopping



I enjoy staying up all night Saturday night.  I usually enjoy good coffee and take care of my personal projects until I see the Sun coming up the next day.   I think it goes way back when I was young (in the 80s - 90s).  I used to enjoy staying up all night, play games, and have fun.  Still, when I stay up late, I get all that young and fun feeling back again. 

I used to live with my parents and siblings.  I had to keep things quiet while I watch TV, snack, and work on my personal projects.  Even now, I keep my Saturday night quiet.  I try not to bother my neighbors.  Sometimes I feel like I can hear my father snoring.

I still have that 9 inch TV I use to watch in my room.  I watched a lot of Columbo on VHS tapes that I recorded.  Now I own every single episode of Columbo on DVD.

I enjoy grocery shopping on late Saturday night. 

I went to VONS tonight

Check it out - I saved 55%.
I used Costco American Express card.
Strawberries were so cheap, cheaper than Costco.
I don't know if I can finish all that.

OK, back to work... Good night everyone.


Vons shopping

Posted By john

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My Cool Shades



Before going out for lunch, I cleaned my favorite cool shades using my shirt.  Then I thought I'd photograph that moment.

These are B&L Ray Ban Chromax W2053.  I paid about $30.00 at Big 5 about 12 years ago.  Then about 6 years ago, I replaced the lens with yellow glass (prescription).  So, I spent under $70.00 for them.

When I see good sales on sunglasses, I buy them for $20-$40 and hold on to them.  This makes sense to me because it's difficult to find right glass frame at right price.  I don't want to wait until the time comes and I  have to buy something fast.  Eye glasses are like a job.  The best time to look for them is when you have them.  

Later, depends on the model, I can put clear or colored lenses.

Now with Costco's optical department, I can save even more.

Anyway, these glasses are now going for $250.00 on eBay.  
It became a hard to find item of some sort, I guess.
These are my favorite pair of Sunglasses.

Posted By john

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After Thanksgiving Shopping Spree - 2008



I wouldn't dare going out for Black Friday shopping.  The traffic & waiting game ain't worth it for me.  Black Friday shopping sounds fun if you have a shopping buddy (girlfriend, wife).

I went out shopping on Saturday, 2 days after Thanksgiving Day. 


I found medium size (32-34) Jockey underwears.  A box of 3 was $5.99.  So I bought 6 boxes - Basically, I grabbed everything with M sticker on it.  Finally my underwear worry is over (until 2013 ?).

2. Costco
My shopping spree wouldn't be complete without a trip to Costco.  As a part of my current project  'Shopping for a Bed', I bought some pillows and a queen size flannel sheet set. I also treated myself with some new towels.


And I bought a pair of pants for work, 2 fleece shirts & 1 pair of fleece pants.

I ate a hot-dog in the car - there were a lot of people that I couldn't find a place to eat outside.

4. Bed Bath and Beyond
I already ordered a queen size comforter from Costco.  I needed to find a duvet cover ASAP. So I headed out to Bed Bath and Beyond. I was looking for anything in flannel.

Then I quickly realized how expensive queen-size flannel duvet covers were ($100.00 minimum), not to mention that they didn't have much flannels to begin with.  I was discouraged and ready to leave, then I saw this cute little mofo hiding in the back.

Duvet cover

I hit the jackpot. With their usual 20% off coupon this $100.00 duvet cover was only $39.99. This duvet cover is almost perfect.  The color works nicely with the bed sheets I jut bought from Costco.

I was happy with the savings so I bought some kitchen items with the money I saved (picture below - I put egg there to illustrate the size)

And, later that night, I washed all my new towels and sheets.

Good times... 


Posted By john

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Ah~! the glorious Thanksgiving steak sales



I think I still have about 9 pieces of New York steak in the freezer (vacuum packed).

Then I saw this Ralphs ad on T-bone steak... $3.99/lb is just about the best price you will find anywhere.  Ah~! the glorious Thanksgiving steak sales

Ribeye, New York, and T-Bone each has its own unique taste.  I like steaks with bones.  The bone brings more flavor to the meat.  To me, bone is very important in steaks.

Ralphs Vons flier
Vons has New York steak for $3.77/lb - That's insane


I didn't look at anything else on the fliers.  I have a lot of food already.  Not only that, I went out to shop during my break-time.  I had to go back to work fast.

Oh boy... I have a huge craving for chocolate ice-cream.  I shall go and pick up a pack right now.  I hope they have a sale.  Smile

Posted By john

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Halloween 2008 shopping



I saw a lot of Costco employees in fun costumes today.

I finally found Guinness (beer).  I thought about buying two cases, but I really don't drink too much.  18 cans will last about 6-10 months.

All fruits and vegetables are for morning juice before going to work. Bread is for breakfast sandwich at work.  I'm having salad for lunch tomorrow.

I went overboard with snacks.. I had a huge craving, kill me Yell.

On the way out, I ate a hot-dog and put gas in my car. 

I am happy I finally found Guinness.

Posted By john

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Good buy, but impulse buy - HP Laserjet P1005



I made an impulse buy last week.

This HP's Laserjet model P1005 was on sale at for $50.00 plus free shipping. This paticular printer usually goes for $120.00 - $160.00.

Basically, I bought the ink cartridge and they gave me the printer for free.

The problem is that my current printer works fine.  It's an older model and it prints slower.  But it works. 

Posted By john

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Shopping at Vons - 52% Saving



Happy Labor Day everyone~!

I truly deserve a Labor Day.  I work at least 60-70 hours a week

I don't buy meat from Costco.  I am pretty sure that Costco carries quality meat, but I just cannot afford them.  Meat products are expensive at Costco.

I can find good deals on steak at supermarkets everywhere. Whenever I see ribeye steak or New York steak at under $4.00/lb, that's when I stock up. 

Ribeye steak was $3.99 a pound.  So I bought 10 bounds of ribeye steak, a cake, and some fruits.

Plum, peach, and green beans were all $.99/lb.

Check it out.  I spent $47.49 and saved $52.41.

Vons Receipt, Ribeye Steak

Posted By john

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