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Catching Up With Old Blogs - Silk Ties



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Last Summer, I was talking about silk ties. 
Oh, how obsessed I was about silk ties...  I am still interested in ties, but I bought enough ties last year that my itch is gone.

They are all brand name silk ties.  I shall make them last forever.

I have worn 3 ties from this batch so far.

Sometimes I wish we wear shirt and tie at work.

I even thought about getting a part time job where I can wear shirt and tie.

Beside these ties, I have several shirts that I haven't worn.  I also have a brand new suit that I never worn.

This is why I promised myself not to buy any clothes this year.

And here is a bonus picture of my old ties (below).
I think I paid $2.00 for the whole thing about 10 years ago.

Check out the one with soccer balls, yikes.

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Bed Bath and Beyond - Cinnamon Stick Yankee Candle



These are stuff I bought from Bed Bath and Beyond during this Christmas season.

I love Cinnamon Stick scented Yankee Candle.  To me, Cinnamon Stick is the best holiday smell.  You light this up... and it's Christmas.

The big jar was about $15 with the sale & coupon.

Remember, Bed Bath and Beyond takes expired coupons.  Maybe not all stores practice that policy, but all stores I went honored expired coupons so far.

So, I clip and hold on to all coupons from Bed Bath and Beyond.  When I have a coupon in the mail box, I look through the trash bin next to our mail box to look for more coupons.

Coupons are nothing to laugh at.  I saved $5 on a large jar of Yankee Candle.  I have a great respect for coupons.

I would never buy Yankee Candle at full price.  Because, I cannot afford it.  Coupons make it possible for me.

Yankee Candle, olive oil dispenser, olive oil sprayer, straws...  from Bed Bath and Beyond.

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Clothes Shopping (Sorry Costco)



I went to Baja Fresh with a friend - Yes, I used a coupon. ($5.00 off on $15.00 purchase).  It was a glorious lunch.

As we enjoyed lunch, I complained to my friend about Costco not carrying 31" waist pants.  I also told her that I couldn't find a pair of black sneakers (good ones like Nike or Adidas).

I needed a good pair of black sneakers.  I do wedding photography during the weekend.  My feet kill me when I work on my feet 7-8 hours in dress shoes.  I wear a nice pair of dress shoes during the day time (purchased May 15, 2009).  But, at night (reception) I plan to wear a pair of black sneakers.   In the dark situation, people will not notice if I am wearing dress shoes or sneakers.  I am willing to spend big bucks on my sneakers.  I must look sharp at formal events.

Anyway, my friend took some time to convince me that I needed to shop outside of Costco.  So, we made a spur of the moment decision. We topped off our soda cups and drove down to the outlet mall.

I went to Gap and easily found 31' waist pants in various designs and materials.  I picked out 3 pairs of jeans.  I also found a shirt that I liked very much.  When I checked out, I got a Gap Visa card and got extra 15% off. 

I paid about $22.00 each on the jeans (not bad). I spent total $91.97

Then we went to Nike store and got a pair of black sneakers for $75.76.

Took this picture on the kitchen table with my P&S camera

I am happy with today's purchase.  I shall do laundry tomorrow.

I had fun shopping.  My friend was a sport.  She stuck around.

But, seriously, this was a significant turning point.

From this point, I will not settle with slightly smaller or slightly bigger pants from Costco.  From this point, I will only buy the pants that fit perfectly.  I hope Costco will carry 31" waist pants.  But, since Costco doesn't carry my size pants, I will shop at local outlet mall for clothes.

I am afraid that my clothes shopping days at Costco is over.  We have a wicked huge outlet mall that contains every imaginable store in the world (check it out).  Once I start shopping there, I am very likely to fall in love with what they have to offer (perfect fit & variety).


I understand Costco's position.  Average men's waist size in the US is 40 Inches.  This puts me in minority.  I understand that Costco made a strategic decision not to sell 31" waist pants and I respect that.

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Costco Shopping - August 22, 2010



I was looking forward to today's Costco shopping. 
I was hoping to find black jeans & black sneakers.

I went to Costco before 5pm

I thought 1+ hour of shopping time will be enough.

But time flew.. I ended up rushing up and down the store to complete my shopping list.  I needed more time.  I didn't fully enjoy the shopping experience. Hm...

Costco Pants:

I have one complaint about Costco. Costco doesn't carry 31" waist pants.  I believe I look the best in 31 waist pants.  Costco rarely carry 31" waist pants.   They always have 30 & 32 waist sizes.  They usually skip on 31" waist.

I have several blue jeans in size 30 waist.  I can only fit into them when I am really good with diet & exercise.  I need bigger jeans.

Today, I bought a pair of Calvin Klein blue jeans in 32 inch waist.

They are too big... really big.  So I need to take these pants back.

I am a little frustrated that there are no 31 Inch waist pants in Costco.

I couldn't find black jeans & black sneakers.  I may have to go elsewhere for clothes.

Chocolate Cake:

I didn't have chocolate cake for the longest time.  I couldn't fight the urge today, so I bought one.  I plan to freeze half and enjoy it slowly.

What you don't see: Chocolate cake, 5 dozen eggs, extra sharp cheddar cheese, ravioli, cilantro lime shrimps.

I spent $124.35.  Coupon saved me $12.00
Then I put some gas in my car.

It should have been a better shopping experience.   It was just OK.
1 hour is not enough for me to enjoy shopping at Costco.
I needed more time (stupid, stupid...)

Posted By john

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Shopping For Neckties - Internet Spoils Me



This is an example on how Internet can spoil you.

I was shopping for some neckties.

Currently, I have 2 dozen or so neckties.  They are very old (10-30 years old.).  A lot of my neckties are from thrift stores.  I paid average $0.50 each.  Some ties had sweat stains when I bought them.  I was perfectly happy with used sweaty ties.  I know how to stay satisfied within my own financial ability.  Of course, I always try to improve myself.

I thought it was about time I replace those sweaty ties with new ones.

My budget was about $10.00 a tie - $45.00 total budget.

I went to eBay and searched for ties in $10 range.  Below picture shows typical silk ties in $10 range.  I thought they looked pretty nice, much better than the ones I have.

I managed to pick out a few sellers and put them as my favorite sellers.  I was happy and excited about those cheap but nice silk ties.

I was ready to make a purchase.

Right before making purchase, I thought I would take a look at some of the expansive ties.  I wanted to see what the rich bugers are wearing.  And I found Donald Trump collection.  They were all around $25.00 each.  And they looked like these

I was blown away by their elegant design.

After seeing these, I could no longer purchase $10 ties.  I just couldn't. Embarassed

Anyway, I am going to buy 2-3 ties from Donald Trump collection for now.  I shall get more ties as I feel the need.  I am going back to eBay.   Wish me luck~!!  Laughing

I hope I don't get obsessed about buying ties.  You know I get obsessed easily.  You know what happened with my Shopping for Eyeglasses project.  Yikes...

TGIF everyone.

I am thinking about taking my parents to dinner tomorrow after work.

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3 (small) Financial Failures



These are my three recent financial failures.  My total loss was about $10.00.  But, this bothered me enough that I had to share this story here.

  1. Coffee Filter: I bought these coffee filters.  A week later, I bought a new coffee machine just to realize that my new coffee machine takes different kind of filter. (I love my new coffee machine, by the way).
  2. Pepper: This jar of peppers has a built in grinder.  You can't beat this price ($3.99).  Anyway, I used the grinder too rough one day.  I broke the grinding mechanism.  So, I had to buy another one.
  3. Vitamin D3: I paid regular price 2 weeks ago.  A week later, I received a $3.00 coupon from Costco. 

On all these cases, packages were already opened and I had nobody but myself to blame.  Even though Costco is likely to make refund, my conscience didn't allow me to take them back.

I have to be more careful, that's all.  Embarassed
Anyway, I am out $10.00 and this bothers me somewhat.  Hm...


I bought vitamin D3 with a coupon, then returned it with the old receipt.

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Fuzzy Boots



I just received this pair of fuzzy boots.

I was looking for something like this for about 2 years.  I didn't want to ask here, because I was afraid that costcogirlinVA would introduce me to something super expensive like the last time I bought a pair of Ecco shoes.  Haha~!! Just kidding.

Anyway, I paid about $30.00 from a military surplus store (online).  I will wear them indoor only.  These are for cold days when my feet are cold.  Before each use, I will wash my feet and put on clean socks.  I don't plan to wash them for a long time.  I am afraid I will not retain its fuzziness once it's washed.   I'll be happy if these will last 3 years ($10/year).

So far, I've been enjoying these a lot.  Very nice... I love them. 

OK, I tell you a little secret.  Do you know the ultra soft socks for women only? (Costco sells them).   I have a few pairs of them.  I wear them rarely (when I feel like it).  Good stuff.


Oh my God, what do you know.  I can see my Ecco shoes in the kitchen. On the left you see my weights & exercise mat. I use that stack of books to do uneven push up.

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Costco Shopping - February 6, 2010



* 4th Costco Shopping this year, 1st time this month.

There is no picture of my Costco shopping as I only bought one bag of carrots for under $5.00. 

Cost Plus World Market

I hate to bring up this subject, but this is a major development in my life.  So, here we go.

I've been shopping at Cost Plus World Market lately.

Costco doesn't carry everything I need, especially for my low calorie diet. So, I have to shop somewhere else for these items.

Cost Plus World Market items
Products that Costco does not carry

Product description (What Costco doesn't have).

  • Low acid coffee. ($8.95)
  • Flavored coffee
  • Wasa crispbread.  Low Calories, 0 fat calorie, high fiber. ($2.99 each)
  • Low calorie (low fat) soup mix ($3.99 each)

I enjoy these products.  I wish Costco would carry these items or something similar.  But, I understand that Costco cannot carry everything in the world.

Wasa crispbread ($2.99/pack) is my new best friend.  It has low calories and it's good for you.  They have 0 fat calories.  I grab a few of these at work when I feel hungry.

I've been doing good with my diet and exercise.  I feel good and I enjoy my life-style.  

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Personal Size Pot



I love this little pot.

I bought this at Ross for $14.00

I have always wanted one in this size.  It's a perfect "Personal" size.

But the handle gets too hot to hold with bare hand, what stupid design.  I think that's why they were selling it so cheap.  Hm..

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Grocery Shopping - Last Entry



This is my last blog post on Vegetable Shopping - I think I made my point.

I enjoy driving to supermarkets at night.  It's very relaxing. 

Total cost on tonight's shopping was $7.77 (Vons & Ralphs).  I saved $15.28.  But who really pays $2.50 for a pound of tomatoes.

I get onions, bananas, and potatoes from Smart & Final - their regular prices are usually better than sales prices at supermakets.

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