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General Shopping

Garage Sale - July 2, 2016



I didn't find a Michelangelo, but I hit a small jackpot today at a garage sale.

Below picture shows about 75% of what I bought from one garage sale. I also bought a buch of earings (not pictured).  I paid about $10 for everything I have on my hand . They are all sterling silver.

I am hoping to sell these from here, at my blog, not via eBay.  We'll see...

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Garage Sale - May 14, 2016



I spent $3 today on this compass. 

FYI: I decorate my guest bathroom with nautical theme.  I live somewhat close to the ocean, but  never go to the ocean. Anyway I enjoy nautical theme in the bathroom.

The owner asked for $5 for this.  I haggled it down to $3.

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Garage Sale - April 9, 2016



One lady picked up this bed sheet set and I quickly realized that I just missed something I desperately needed.  The fitted sheet I bought from Costco is worn out.  I needed a new one.

The lady asked the seller how much it was, but she asked in Spanish.  "Siete" the seller replied.   I don't speak mush Spanish, but I know siete meant seven.

She decided not to buy it and put in back.  So, I picked it up and asked the same guy how much it was, but this time in English.  "Fifteen" he replied.  I stuck to my routine and didn't show my emotion.  I said "I thought you said seven to that lady" - and he corrected himself.  Seven it was.

So, I bought 2 sets.  I washed and dressed my bed with the pink one.  It's hard to tell how they feel, because pima cotton gets softer over time as we wash them.  So far, it's not bad for Siete Dolares.

Posted By john

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Costco Shopping - July 1, 2014



It's July already.  Christmas is coming to Costco in 4-5 weeks.

There is a tower fan on the bottom of the cart.

I am looking forward to 4th of July weekend.  I can use a nap.

Posted By john

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New tires



I bought tires today, NOT from Costco.  I paid $307.50 total for 4 tires. Costco no longer carries the same tires I bought the last time ($368.71).  But the cheapest set of tires from Costco is $430.00+.

I went to the tire store early Saturday morning.  The air was crisp, guys were rolling up the shop doors, and I was the only customer there for a while.  It felt good to be in that moment.  Somehow, that moment made an impression on me.  I guess I'm getting older and feeling sentimental over small things around  me.  I set there and enjoyed my coffee.  Tires were installed in about 30 minutes.

They tried very hard to sell me extended warranty.  But, I didn't buy it.  I do not believe in tire warranty. If I understand correctly, they cover defected tires.  So, if your tire is damaged, they will check your car first.  If your car is not in perfect condition (bad alignment, etc..) then they will not honor your warranty.  At least that's how I understand.  I don't need tire warranty.  Just keep a good spare tire.  I have a brand new full-size tire as a spare. 

No struts:

My car has bad (old) struts.  It will cost me $1500 to replace struts.   So, I decided NOT to replace struts, but just bought new tires.  I plan to buy a car in 1-2 years.   hope it was a smart move.

Posted By john

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Costco Shopping - January 8, 2014



Happy new year~!

This was my first Costco shopping in 2014.

2014 - I can't believe I started this website 6 years ago.  Yikes, this makes me to think.  Will I be doing this 6 years from now?  Will I be still alive after 6 years?

I had a bunch of staple items to buy. Coupon saved $26.00

I stock up on chicken soup for when I catch cold.  I truly believe in power of chiken soup.  I need V8 juice for busy mornings when I don't have time to make Vitamix juice.

I didn't buy anything fancy.  It is my new year's resolution to save money.  With my new year's resolution, I still spent $124.61.  I think I'm doing OK as long as I use everything up without trashing any.

Happy new year.  I will keep in touch.

Posted By john

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New Camera



I wasn't happy with picture quality from my iPhone (4S).

I bought a Canon Powershot S120 ($450). It's a very nice pocket camera.  It has WiFi, 1080p HD video, and full manual control.  I shall improve my picture quality with this camera.

Below is a picture from this morning.  Happy Halloween.

*Buy Canon Powershot S120 from amazon.

Posted By john

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Garage Sale Find - Antique Teak Dresser



I heard a lot of people talking in the past about finding great antique furniture at garage sale.  I never knew this would happen to me. 

I never go to garage sale.  It's not my thing.  I never see anything good.

Today, Saturday morning, my friend and I left my house for local farmers market.  Then we saw a garage sale 3 houses down from my house.  My friend loves garage sale, so I had to stop by to be polite.

Then I saw this dresser.  It was faded and didn't look fresh.  It was huge, well over 6 feet wide.  I thought it was made out of some cheap composite wood. My friend told me she can make this dresser look new in 20 minutes and I should buy it. She said something about craftsmanship and dovetail joints... boring stuff.. ZZzzz....

I paid $60 for the dresser.  2 guys took the dresser to my house at no charge.  I thought it was a good deal... it was like getting a free dresser for price of a cheap delivery. It turned out to be a solid wood furniture.

After the farmers market, we dropped by at Home Depot and bought some teak oil.

And, check this out (picture).  This is the dresser after she spent 20 minutes on it.  Sorry, there is no before picture.

Then my friend begged me "Can you please search antique solid wood teak dresser?"

That's when I realized dressers like this easily go for $1000+ (usually more, sometimes less)

This is exciting.  I am born again.  I have seen the light.  I love garage sale.

PS. Later my friend explained that I don't see anything good at garage sales, because I go there too late.  That made sense.

Teak Dresser


Posted By john

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Costco Shopping - July 12, 2013



I used $2.00 coupon for Irish Spring (original).  I always use 2 soaps, Irish Springs (dry) and Dove (moisturized).  To me, it is important that I have two different kind of soaps.  For example, I want my face to be squicky clean, but I don't want my arms to get too dry.  With today's shopping, I don't have to worry about soap for next 2-3 years. 

What's in the bag is a lobster tail (small one - $7.20)

I was a little disappointed at the peanuts.  They were not as meaty as they were supposed to.  They were all in the dark side (color) and kind of dry, as if they were over-roasted.  It has a hint of bitterness in taste.  I am not really happy with this batch.  It will be a long time until I buy these peanuts again.

I bought gas, but I didn't eat a hot dog.  I will eat a slice of Take and Bake pizza that I freezed last week.

* I looked carefully.  I didn't see any Christmas items at Costco yet.

Costco Apples

* Wal*mart shopping

I usually go to number of other stores after shopping at Costco. Below is my shoping cart from a Wal*mart shopping.

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Salute To 99 Cents Only Store



99 Cents only store is not just for poor people.   Yes I wouldn't buy most of the products they sell.   But, I frequently find good stuff at 99 Cents Only Stores.

For example, below is from January 2011.

I bought 4 Coca Cola cups - Look at them, they are adorable.  They are genuine Coca Cola products made in The USA.

I also bought 8 boxes of Wasa flat-breads.  They normally go for $3 or more at world market & etc..  I love their new rosemary flat bread.

If you watch your diet, then check out WASA products.  Some flat breads have 0 fat and very low Calories.

I like 99 Cents Only Stores for providing low priced products to people who cannot afford expensive stuff.  Several years ago, I bought most of my stuff from 99 Cents Only Stores.  Who cares if they look ugly.  I simply couldn't afford anything else.

To me, 99 Cents Only Store will always be the big brother who helped me out when the time was tough.  They are still one of my favorite stores.

Here's my salute to 99 Cents Only Stores and good people who work there.

Posted By john

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