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2 Radio Programs I listen To.


Do you guys listen to public radio station?

I listen to very little radio. 

Local NPR (National Public Radio) station is one of a few stations I listen to.

I listen to NPR station as I get ready for work in weekday mornings (I have a radio in the bathroom).  That's about it.

But, during the weekend, I try to catch 2 programs.  I usually miss them, but, sometimes I catch the show.  They are pretty enjoyable with coffee or tea.

They are This American Life, and A Prairie Home Companion.

I give you a little sample.

  • This American Life - Episode 401 "Parent Trap
    • From above link, click "STREAM EPISODE"
    • A good story about "Lucy" starts at 25:00 (minutes) - you can fast forward.
  • A Prairie Home Companion - "Guy Noir" (beow)
    • Guy Noir is a recurring skit (episode) they do every week.
Meryl Streep - Guy Noir Script - Part 1 of 2
Here's Part 2 if you are dying to find out what happens... Embarassed


I am having a rare weekend where I have absolutely nothing to do.  I am loving it. I will be super busy starting next week.

I hope you guy are having good weekend.

God bless everyone.

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Hello, hello, how are you doing? - I'm Back.



Just letting you know that I am back.
I had a busy 2-3 weeks.

I went to Costco in San Diego.
I went to The Sea World.
I ate 1 pound burger - they put my picture on the wall of fame.
I took a 5 day vacation.
I went to a street fair in my city.
I went to Costco in Valencia.
I went to Costco in Oxnard about 3 times.
I bought the cutest lunch-box at Costco (you know which one I'm talking about)
I ate out a LOT~!!
I gained 2-3 pounds in 2 weeks!
What else...

All that busy time reminded me that I am truly happy with my every-day routine.

Anyway, I'm back and I am well (I was not sick or anything).
Now I'm back to my normal diet and exercise routine.
I can lose 3 pounds in no time.

Talk to you later~!


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Finally Opened the Printer


Here's a printer I bought almost 2 years ago (September 2008).  I paid $50.00 with free shipping at that time.

My old printer died this weekend.  So, after 20 months, I finally opened this printer.  It prints good.  I am happy.

I went online and checked the price? They still sell this printer for $160 and up.

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Sign of Getting Old - Flowers


Another sign of getting old

First time in my life..... I bought flowers to decorate my place.

Check out my poor-man's dining set.

I hate to replace them.  I love my apartment, and I enjoy living here a lot.  But, I just don't feel the need to spend money on this apartment.

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Sign of Getting Old - LA Freeway


Another sign of getting old

Took place Saturday, March 27, 2010

I just finished a personal gig at Los Angeles and was on my way back to Ventura County.  I was on 101 Fway in Los Angeles County.  The Sun was setting in front of me.  I was minding my own business.

Then one slow moving BMW cut me off and started to clean his windshield with soapy water.  I was hit by his fluid.  That got me so angry.

I've been driving for 20+ years and I have a perfect driving record.

All my life, when somebody washes windshield in front of me, I would always cut him off and give him the same treatment.  That rich buger in BMW was going to get it.

I was ready to pay him back. I took my time and waited for the right moment.  LA traffic is heavy.

I followed him for about 4-5 minutes, and I got the perfect setting for me to cut him off in offensive manner and give him the squirt of justice.

I changed into the fast lane and started to pass him.

Then I took a look at the driver.

He was a young dude. 

I could clearly see that he was struggling to see in front of him through the glare caused by setting Sun in front of us.

The poor guy was only trying to clean his windshield so he can see better.

At that moment, I felt ashamed that I thought about paying back to this guy.

Using windshield wiper while driving is an annoying act.  But, people use windshield wiper because they try to see better.  They don't think about people behind you.  All they have in mind is "Oh my God, I cannot see"

Some people don't realize that people behind them will get hit by their washer fluid.  They are simply clueless, just like my parents.  They don't mean anything bad.

I believe my days of "pay back" is over.  I'm getting old.

I hope the dude in BMW reached his destination OK.

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I am John and I am an alcoholic (just kidding, but...)


Some people know me that I easily get excited at something.  That's how I am... I get obsessed.

I've been drinking wine lately.  Not a lot, but...  I drank wine 10 days straight. (half of cup here, a sip there...).   That's significant, because I normally drink 2-3 times a year (no more than 1 can of bear at a time - basically, I drink when I have to fit in with my boss & coworkers).

Last Friday, my neighbor invited me to her wine party.  So, I was there drinking wine and smoking cigar with a bunch of young people.

Then I found out that wind is good for my health.

I will be stupid if I don't drink wine every day Tongue out

More on this coming... pictures maybe...

PS. I've been doing so little shopping lately.  It's boring...  

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Sunday Mid-Day Shopping


I always go to grocery shopping late at night (around 12am).

But, today (Sunday), I thought it would be fun to do grocery shopping in the mid-day when all stores are packed... 

OK, I tell you why I went out shopping so early.  I didn't know when Trader Joe's would close.

I bought 4 bottles of Charles Shaw wines.

Also known as "Two Buck Chuck" these $2.00 wines are well known to have taste equal to $75.00 wine.  You can only buy them at Trader Joe's.

Charles Shaw's Awards
At the 28th Annual International Eastern Wine Competition, Shaw's 2002 Shiraz received the double gold medal, besting the roughly 2,300 other wines in the competition.

Shaw's 2005 California chardonnay was judged Best Chardonnay from California at the Commercial Wine Competition of the 2007 California Exposition and State Fair. The chardonnay received 98 points, a double gold, with accolades of Best of California and Best of Class.

Check out my wine opener - It was $5.00 at Linens and Things (purchased 4 years ago - used it about 3 times so far)

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Story I wasn't suppose to share - Christmas 2009


This story was never supposed to be shared.  This is something I did in secret.

On December 25, 2009, I woke up 6am and went to the public laundry room at my APT.  We have 3 washers and 3 driers there.  There, I put quarters on all the machines.  And I left a Christmas card.  So, the first person to use the laundry room on Christmas day would get wash and dry on me.

Of course, that card in the picture was from Costco.

A week went by.  And it was my turn to use the laundry room.
There, I saw this note.

I felt very good.  This happy feeling was definitely worth of money.  Actually, I spent so little money to have this much satisfaction.

I didn't even know who wrote that note, but that was the point, doing something to people I don't even know...

I don't believe the other person knew who I was also.  Because I just wrote "John".  I didn't give my last name or my APT number.

Merry Christmas~!  (2 months late, but...)


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3 More Signs of Getting Old


Here are 3 more signs

  1. I used to hate couples figure skating.  It was boring.  Anyway, I was checking out Winter Olympics the other day.  They happened to show couple's figure skating.  As I was watching couple's routine, I found myself getting teary eyes.  It was beautiful and touching.

  2. I am scared of teenagers.

  3. When I was younger, Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving and all the holidays didn't mean much.  Now, I am more into the spirit of season.  Now I wear Santa's hat during Christmas time.  I have a green hat for St. Patrick's day.  I exchanged gifts on Valentine's Day.  I try to be cozy and friendly with people around me.  Change of season means a lot to me now.  Holidays are beautiful.

* I thought I would grow old to appreciate classic music.  But, no.  I still hate classic music.

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Story - At Costco Tire Center


This took place last month at Costco.

I thought nothing of it at that time, then I found myself keep thinking about that incident.

I went to Costco tire center for free tire maintenance. There, I saw a gentleman waiting for his car.  So, we started to chat.

First we talked about how many miles we drive.  Then we talked about where we like to drive to.  We talked about lobster buffet at Chumash Casino.  He bragged about his son and his business.  I happened to know the area where he's son's business was at, so we talked about the beautiful scenery in that area.  We were talking about nothing but fun stuff (food, relatives, beautiful scenery...)

Then another gentleman (I'll call him the "new guy") walked in.

After a few minute, the new guy opened his mouth.  "What nationality are you?" he asked to the gentleman.  The gentleman revealed that he was from Middle-East.  And the new guy started his conversation.

The new guy started by stating that he'd been to Egypt and some parts of Asia.  Then he talked about history, religion, and politics about the gentleman's home country.

"Your country's religion focuses on.... blah blah"
"Your country's war changed... blah blah"
"Obama's view on middle East is... blah blah"

New guy walked in and sucked out the fun.   Then he put the gentleman in the hot seat that he didn't ask for.  The gentleman was doing his best to explain things.  But, according to the new guy, he knew Middle-East better than the gentleman who lived there.

I walked away from that area, because I didn't want the new guy to think I was enjoying the conversation, or I was impressed.  But, in fact, I was disgusted. What was wrong with this guy?

I felt sorry for the gentleman.  Luckily, the conversation only lasted about 10 minutes.  The gentleman's car was ready.

I could have used an "ASS" stamp from Conan O'Brien show on the new guy.

(vid) Ass stamp in action

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