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But, we needed a place for Costco shoppers to say hi.
I hope you enjoy the stay. Have a nice day.


Quck Update - Working 7 days a week


I hope everyone is doing fine.

I am currently working 12 hours a day, 7 days a week schedule. It's a temporary schedule because we have a big project. We will be busy like this for about 2-3 more weeks. I guess it's good. A lot of people don't have jobs in this economy.

I have absolutely no personal life.

I will try to keep in touch. I will try to share my boring moments. For now, I am very tired. I am having hard time waking up in the morning. I will be so angry if my next paycheck is small.

Christmas music is helping me a lot.

I don't have time to go to Costco. I would like a hotdog and pizza... :(

I can't wait to complete this project and enjoy a normal weekend.

Quick updates:
I still use Vitamix 3 times a day. I lost 2-3 pounds.
I received $201 rebate check from Costco.
I talked to some girls from dating websites, but never got connected with any.
I've been watching Spanish TV a lot - I try to learn Spanish.

Talk to you later.

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Sign of Getting Poor - Syrup I never heard of


This is my first installment of "Sign of getting poor"

There will be no more Costco maple syrup for me.

I went to Smart and Final and bought the cheapest syrup I can find.  I have never heard of "Fist Street" before.  What is this brand?  Can I trust this company?  Is it tasty?  What kind of chemical do they put in them? 

Who cares? I'm poor.  It was about $2.00.  So, I bought it and gave it a try. 

My first reaction was "Testing, testing... is this thing on?"  Because I couldn't taste anything.  There was a fainted hint of syrup taste.  I think I made it even worse by buying a lite version with 50% less calories.

Oh, boy...  it's tough, I tells ya. Embarassed

Update: It defeats the purpose of saving money, but I'll have to trash this syrup because there is no taste.  I will buy regular syrup such as Aunt Jamaima. I know some of you have extreme views against HFCS.  Me? I will make sure to enjoy food containing HFCS whenever I eat them.  The point is to do everything in moderation, and be happy.

Update 2: I bought Aunt Jamaima.  It's pretty good.

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Happy March. Keep in touch.


Happy March everyone.

I am looking forward to my next paycheck (coming very soon).  I've been poor for last 12 months.  But, I've been very busy lately.  I am hoping for a better paycheck.  My last paycheck didn't cover my rent. Yikes..

Because of my none-stop overtime, I am also very tired.

My only escape is listening to Christmas music every day at my desk.  It does help a lot.  I also turn on my Christmas lights and light Christmas candles.

March also means we have 5 months to go until we see Christmas at Costco.  Like it or not it's coming that soon..   about 25 more weeks.

I don't have time to go out shopping or write blog.  Also, I am still single.  It's pretty sad here, haha...

I want to do something fun when things slow down... but I don't know what to do.   I want to go somewhere far away.. maybe go to Costco in different state.  Yeah, that sounds fun... Costco in Arizona, Texas, Mississippi... oh man that will be fun.

Anyway, I need to go to sleep soon, so I can wake up at 4am.  I have a lot of work.

I will keep in touch.  Have fun.  Looking forward to Summer.  I can't wait to get back on my girl bicycle.

Wish me luck on my next paycheck and other stuff...

Talk to you later.  ZZzzz...

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Kathleen Edward died today 9 yrs old.


Little Kathleen (9) died today.

If you don't remember Kathleen Edward, please watch this video. If you want to know more about this story, watch more videos on this page. (click "read more" below)

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Green Onions


Smart and Final had a special price on green onions.  They were only $0.49 each (bunch).  This is when I buy 4 bunches, chop them up, and freeze them. 

I am supposed to completely dry them before freezing.

I saved $1.20 - $1.60 this way.  But, most of all, I will have quick & handy access to green onions for months to come.

If you live alone, you must use your freezer and food saver wisely. 


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Poor and Not Proud Neighbor


My neighbor called today.  She said she's short cash and needed help.  She needed to borrow $53.00.  So I told her to come over.  I know her financial situation. I couldn't say no.

She came over with an empty bottle of beer.  She gave me the bottle and asked me to buy her 50 bottles of that beer for her 50th birthday. It was some kind of funky (cheap) beer from 99 Cents only store.

Then she tried to haggle the amount of money she can borrow.  We settled at $63.00, and I gave her the cash.  She cut me a post dated check.  I made a statement that there would be a good chance her check will bounce.  I told her I will talk to her before I cash it.

Then she saw my tequila and wine.  I offered her my booze that I never drink.  My Tequila was 4+ years old.  She was downing shot after shot.

Then she read my palm and told me I will become disabled in a few years and die in 20 years.  I thought that was pretty messed up. 

At 8:54pm she said she was hungry that she didn't eat anything the whole day.  She asked me if I had any food in the house. Since I was not ready for a guest, I offered to take her out to a fast food restaurant.  There, she started to haggle which restaurant I can take her.  She wanted me to take her to a fancier restaurant.  "It's 8:54pm, everything will close in 6 minutes", I said.  But, she asked me to call the restaurant and order a dinner to pick up.  She was very excited about free meal. She rushed me to hurry up and make a phone call.  What she was asking was not realistic.

Everything I try to do for her, she was haggling to get more.

That's when I told her politely that she should go back to her own apartment and cook for herself.  "I can't believe I'm being kicked out" she cried.

I gave her the opened bottle of wine, which made her happy.  Then she asked me if she could take tequila as well. This time I said "No" in more firm manner.

Then she asked me if she could take my hat.  And she muscled her way to my bedroom and saw 30 jars of Yankee Candles.  She told me she wanted to take a candle.  She was drunk, and she was about to grab my candles (glass jars). So, I had to stop her.

At this point we were literally pushing and shoving each other.  She was heavier than I was, so I had to really fight her.  And she was giving everything she's got to get to my candles.  At one point we fell on the carpet, still wrestling to gain control of each other.  It was a nightmare. I couldn't believe how quickly it became a wrestling match.  She looked around for something to take.  She grabbed my camera and asked if she can keep it.  I snatched the camera off her hand.

I propped her up an took her to my car.  I was afraid she would puck in my car.  I took her to her apartment and got the heck out of there.

The End

PS. Don't worry, it was not that bad.  She was just drunk.

Update: I took the check to her bank and successfully cashed it.

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(Mini Blog) - Turkey 2011


Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
This is my Turkey 2011 Mini Blog (Newer post on top)

I've been making turkey for last few years.  I had a female friend with me last year.  But, I'm usually cooking alone for myself. I will be home alone this year.  This is not sad.  I cook something special every weekend. So, this is fun for me.

* My opinion on brining: I think brining is just a hype.  I would prefer taste of pure turkey.  I would not put sugar in wine.  I wouldn't put A1 Sauce on a good steak.  I will adhere to my Epicurean philosophy and enjoy the taste of pure bird.  I gave brining a fair chance.  And now, I officially declare myself an anti-briner.

  • November 25, 2011: Leftover taste even better.  It makes me sleepy just as same. 
  • Thanksgiving Day (7:00pm): Live video is now switched back on to candles.  I put away leftover and finished doing dishes. 
  • Thanksgiving Day (4:45pm): Oh My God! This is the best meal I ever made this year.  Ah~ hahahaha~! very happy.  :)   :)   :)
  • Thanksgiving Day (4:00pm): The bird is out of the oven.  It's burned on the top... I hope inside is better.  Making side dishes now.
  • Thanksgiving Day (2:00pm): The bird is in the oven.  A lot of snacking going on.  (wine, chocolate, shrimp cocktail...)
  • Thanksgiving Day (11:00am): Woke up late.  Live camera is now pointing at my kitchen.  Started by making coffee... a lot of snacking & TV watching going on.
  • November 24, 2011 (2:30am): I got wise and made some changes inside the cooler like this (below). 
  • November 23, 2011 (Wednesday) - I went to Bed Bath And Beyond on my lunch hour and bought a turkey rack and a fat separator. After dinner, I put the turkey in brine in the cooler with ice.  I used a Ziploc Big Bag.
  • November 22, 2011 (Tuesday) - After work, I mixed brine solution and did 3 loads of laundry.  I wanted to take care of some work later (at night).  But I fell asleep on the couch.  I woke up with a stiff neck at 2am.  ZZzz.
  • November 21, 2011 (Monday) - I bought more stuff such as vegetable stock, fresh sage, fresh rosemary, etc.  It was a nightmare looking for sage & rosemary.  They were sold out everywhere. I found the last of sage & rosemary at Ralphs.  It was a Thanksgiving Miracle!
  • November 19, 2011 (Saturday) - Bought 11lb fresh turkey and ingredients for green bean casserole.  It's beginning to feel like Thanksgiving.
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Thanksgiving Day Plan - Turkey!


I have a huge craving for home made turkey.

I will be home alone for the Thanksgiving weekend this year (as usual), and I have decided to bake a full bird alone. I will not buy "Turkey dinner to go" from restaurants. I want good stuff. My craving for fresh baked turkey is unbearable. I am going to really enjoy the meal.

I enjoy cooking, so I am looking forward.
And I will take that rest I need. ZZzz..

On Thanksgiving Day, I plan to set up my live video camera pointing at my kitchen (oven & counter). I'll try, we'll see... :)

OK, I'm getting excited now.

Plan #1 - clean up my kitchen. Make room in the refrigerator.

more coming...

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Quick Updates


I'm still very busy

Let me do a quick update.

  • I am busy
  • I see very tiny basil plants budding out from the pot.
  • I met one girl from a dating website.  I met her once and I stopped seeing her.  In 2 days, she wrote me 25 emails and called me 3 times.  Each email was very long.  I am still kicking myself that I invited her to my place.  She knows where I live. 
  • I joined 3 dating websites.  It's a desperate time, I need to change my profile title to "Personal Hygiene Not Important"
  • My ex coworker got a job at Guitar Center (corporate office).  This can be significant.  I may be able to buy all the guitars I want CHEAP.
  • I went to Costco, but I didn't buy anything fancy.
  • My kitchen sink was clogged.  So, I went under the sink and ran 25" snake through it.   It was horrible.. the smell...  but drain is unclogged.
  • I am trying to play "Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo" with my guitar.
  • For the first time this year, I made more money than I spent.  We may be at the turning point.  Please send positive energy to my way.  I am totally wiped out.  I just want to sleep day and night.
  • I am still having fun.  I feel positive.  I am tired, but not sick.
  • I love the girl who says "Ride that spicy chicken" at Jack in the Box commercial.

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Basil Seeds


I've been busy.  I am still busy.

I spent last weekend alone at my apartment (as usual).  I bought a small pot and basil seeds from Home Depot.  I decided to give it one more try.

My neighbor's cat was keep looking at me as I was getting the pot ready.  She is my favorite cat.  So I stopped what I was doing and played with her for a while. 

I hope I have a better luck with basil this time.

It gets cold during the Winter time.  So, I need to bring in the pot when I go to sleep.  Let's see how it goes... 

OH boy, I hope I don't get obsessed about growing spices.

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