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But, we needed a place for Costco shoppers to say hi.
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Scented Candles - 2 years later



If you are a long time visitor to my blog, you will remember the time when I first started to get into scented candles.

Then I announced that I would stop talking about scented candles, because I started talk more about scented candles than Costco.  I was absolutely obsessed about scented candles at that time.

If you follow my tweeter, you know I still like to burn scented candles.

With that, below is a picture I just took this morning.

I understand that burning candles produce cancer causing chemicals.  I am now in the process of replacing all paraffin candles with soy wax candles.  Even with soy wax, I shall refrain myself from burning candles too much.

I love scented candles.  I am burning rose right now.

scented candles

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A new guitar - G&L ASAT Custom



I bought a guitar I wanted for last several years.  It's G&L ASAT Classic Custom. ($1550 after tax).

Mr. Leo Fender founded Fender.  Leo Fender sold his company when he was ill.  After regaining his health, he founded G&L.  So, if you really like guitars by Leo Fender, you need to buy G&L. I don't want to start an argument, but I would never buy a Fender guitar.  My royalty is with Leo Fender.

I am very happy with this guitar.  I still need to buy a good metal guitar (Jackson or ESP)

G&L ASAT Classic Custom

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Quick update. Sorry, I am busy



OMG, I am so busy.

I hope you are enjoying Memorial Day weekend.  I will not have any time off.  I will be working 10 - 12 hours every single day throughout the weekend (SAT, SUN, & MON).

I had a wave of 3 personal jobs that I couldn't refuse.  Who would turn away money.  And, you know I've been poor all my life.  So, I am happy to work day and night during the holiday weekend.  I will slow down sometime next month (mid June).

It's been 3 months since I got a new job.  I now work at a large company as a web guy.  I didn't know how to break the news about my new job to you guys, because I felt awkward (just like when I bought a house). 

Before, a lot of people found my blog refreshing because I was living in a small apartment, trying to save money, trying to find love... and still managed to share positive energy.  I believe I made a lot of connections with people in similar situation.  I now lost some of the major contributing elements that gave my blog its unique personality. I feel a little awkward about that.

For now, I will keep talking about Costco shopping and Costco products.  You may notice I spend little more money than before.

Anyway, my blog is about shopping... so let me show you some of the major purchases I made. (not Costco shopping)

Guitar:  PRS, Torero ($1080)
Earphones: Shure SE315 ($199)

I now have 3 decent electric guitars.  Ideally, I would like to have 5-6 electric guitars and 1-2 acoustic guitars.

I saw this super expensive earphones by Shure.  I wanted to know why they were so expensive.  Holy cow, they sound amazing.  I spend thousands of hours listening to music on earphones at work. This was a good investment.  They put listening pleasure to next level.

I need to get back to work now.

Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone. I will talk to you soon.


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Early Valentine's Day 2013



Valentine's Day came early for me this year.  But, why so early ??

PS. I know, I should to put away my Christmas decorations.

Valendine's Day 2013

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Day After Mayan Calendar



According to some people, the world will end tomorrow.  There even was a (very bad) major motion picture about it.

I don't think the world will end tomorrow. A few days later, some scientists will claim that calculation was off.  And they will come up with a new date of apocalypse.  And 5-10 years later, there will be yet another guy with his own apocalypse theory, and a lot of people will follow his belief.

Circle will continue.  That's how it is. I've seen this a few times in my life.  People get excited, people forget, and life goes on.

Anyway, I just want to make one point.

If you happen to meet people who believed in 12-21-2012 theory, please be nice to them.  We need to understand that they are confused and perhaps in pain.  Let's be nice to them as the Sun come up December 22.  We are good people.

Talk to you later

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Back to Work



Happy Monday to you all.

I can NOT believe I have to go back to school, I mean, work.

I enjoyed a glorious Thanksgiving weekend.

I went to Costco twice this Thanksgiving weekend.  I ate 2 Costco hotdogs and 1 slice of combination pizza. I did a lot of shopping on Wednesday night.  I went to 9 stores Wednesday night when there were not a lot of people out  shopping.  I avoided Black Friday shopping altogether.

Most of all, I made so far the best turkey ever in my life.  The turkey was amazing.  I almost finished eating the whole bird.  I only have one block of breast meat left.

You can catch up on my Thanksgiving tweets (with pictures) here.

Merry Christmas!  Talk to you soon.

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Just Checking In - Get your turkey ready



Thanksgiving weekend is only 2 weeks away Surprised

Things have already started to pick up speed.  I am already little sad that Christmas will go away in 2 months.  Only 2 months!  I hope time will pass slower.

I do have a female friend this year (or two).  But, again, I will be home alone, baking turkey on Thanksgiving Day. Which is perfectly fine.  Baking turkey alone has became an annual event.  It's really fun baking turkey alone.

FYI: This will be my 4th straight Thanksgiving day I will be home alone.

And I love it when I receive greetings from my website visitors.  Please don't forget about me this holiday season.  I am thinking about doing a live video of my kitchen again.

A lot of things are different this year.  I may be invited to 1-2 Thanksgiving dinners.  I may have people dropping by.  I have a big kitchen now.  Baking turkey will be super fun.

I hope, one day, I will be invited to a Thanksgiving dinner from my website visitor from far away (different city, different state, different country ?)

Get ready.  We'll keep in touch.
Send in your turkey pictures. 

To me, November & December are 2 months of non-stop Christmas music, sentimental feelings, and absolutely nothing to worry about.

And a lot of Costco shoppings.

Good times.


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Kitchen Table (pic)



Here's a picture that's long over-due (for a handful of special visitors). 

Pictures of my dining area: 3 years ago and now.



October 2012.  Flowers are cut from front yard.
Picture on the wall and the figurine are from ROSS (my other favorite store)

The previous home owner left this dining table and chairs (Thank God).

** I am expecting a female company in a few hours.  I bought 2 lobster tails yesterday at Costco.  I am so nervous, I'm gonna pass out.  Wish me luck~!! Innocent 

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Interview with CNBC



I received an interesting email this morning.
CNBC wanted to interview me about why I love Costco (for their TV program).  They made it sounds like I may be coming back for future interviews.

It was very interesting... I thought about it.  My heart was pumping.

But, I had to say "No, Sorry"

There is nothing against CNBC or using media for personal gain.  I am humbled that they even took time to contact me.  I will start watching CNBC now.

But, 1) I would be terrified to do interview for TV   2) I was worried about my privacy.  I talk too much about my personal life on my website.  With a TV interview, I would be giving up my privacy.  3) I can't just get on the media and talk about Costco without Costco's permission.

If I talk about Costco on media, Costco may sue me for it & etc...  bad things can happen.  So, I'll have to stay safe for now and think about the future of my website.

Anyway, I still think about "what if"

Interesting day...


I keep in touch with a PR person at Costco headquarter.  For this kind of interview, I will check with Costco's PR person before doing anything.

Last year, I gave Huffington Post a phone interview for a different website I own.  At the end, she made me look bad on her news article.  I still have a sour taste from that experience.

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(pic) Sunday Morning



I know there are handful of people dying to see my personal pictures.

Sunday morning pan cake breakfast

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