This is a personal blog. I am not affiliated with Costco in any way.
But, we needed a place for Costco shoppers to say hi.
I hope you enjoy the stay. Have a nice day.


My club card - 3 in 1



This is my club card.

I put three club cards in one.

It contains Vons, Ralphs, & Albertsons.   I had this for about 6-8 years now.  Vons club card is the oldest one.  It's about 10 years old.

Supermarket Club card

albertsons, vons, ralphs card

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Christmas here we come



I remember this clearly.

Two years ago, in 2006, I saw Christmas decorations at Costco on July 30.

Last year (2007) they were much slower on bringing out Christmas products.  I think I started to see Christmas items around September.

But, never the less, we are coming very close to start seeing Christmas items at Costco.

Get ready.  It's going to be fun.

My Christmas-Costco memory:
Last Christmas season, I bought $200.00 worth of candies from Costco for my nephews.  My goal was to give them the biggest stack of candies they will ever see in their life-time.  When I unloaded all the candies on the carpet, my nephews went crazy.  They were trying to grab as much candies as possible, but there were much more candies than they can handle.  Then the youngest one became hyper with sugar and started speak in tongue. He was keep saying he is a king of a candy castle. good time. 

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Heart Rate Monitoring



I just bought a heart rate monitor.

I wore it when I went to Costco today. This is so much fun.

Below graph shows that I spent 41 minutes at Costco and walked .7 miles...  I'm trying to find the way to show how much calories I burned.

As you can see, I am a cool customer at average heart rate of 78bpm (I don't know if that's good or bad). 

costco heart rate

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