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How I like my coffee (chit chat)



I appreciate good coffee.

Good coffee in the morning makes me feel like I can rule the world.

I try not to drink coffee every day (because it's acidic).  I try to drink tea instead.  But, none the less, I drink coffee 2-4 times a week.

I like my coffee hot and black.  To me, coffee should taste like coffee.  I don't put sugar, milk, cinnamon powder, etc... coffee should taste like coffee.  I don't understand people who put a lot of sugar in coffee.  When I taste their coffee, I don't even taste coffee... all I taste is sugar.  So, why don't they just drink sugar water?

I think people put sugar in coffee because they grew up drinking instant coffee (AKA crap).  I believe, in the future, as more people get exposed to good coffee, more people will drink coffee black. 

I don't care too much for flavored coffee in general.  When I drink flavored coffee, I drink for novelty of it.  For example, I drink a lot of flavored coffee during Christmas season. 

Flavored coffee beans are always dry and they lack freshness.  I bet they make flavored coffee from expired coffee beans (just my guess).

I avoid coffee shop as much as possible.  $2.00 for a cup of coffee is too expensive.  25 Cents a cup sounds just about right. 

I can't stand those phony people at coffee shops also. I can go on forever about phony people.  I used to work in Hollywood for five years, you see.

Anyway, I like good coffee. - Cheers -  Cool


Coffees I drink frequently at home & work.

  • Peet's
  • Starbucks
  • Krispi Kreme's

Flavored coffees I have

  • Pumpkin Spice (Newhall)
  • Butterscotch Toffee (Jose's)

Coffee syrups I have

  • Caramel (Jose's)
  • French Vanilla (Jose's)
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Tea time



This story is related to Linens'n Things closing story

So, my boss' wife went to the same Linens'n Things that I went 2 months ago.  I guess they now have better sales going on.

I better check them out before they close the store.  But I doubt I will find any useful items now.

Anyway, she went and bought a box of Bentley's Exotic Teas for us.

This is sweat, because I'm the only tea drinker at work.  Ha ha ha...

It's all mine.  I am enjoying them.

exotic teas
Bentley's Exotic Teas

Bentley's Tea

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99 Cents only stores to raise price



99 Cents only store found the way to increase price and still keep it under a Dollar.

99 cents only store
Photography by yours truly - in 2006 (I think)

Now, they are 99.99 Cents only.

I thought this was a brilliant idea.  99 Cents only stores needed to raise price.  Also, they need to raise price in the future.  I don't know how they will keep things under a buck in the future.  At one point, they must raise price.

This is why Big!Lots makes sense. But I like them better when they used to be Pick 'n Save

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My club card - 3 in 1



This is my club card.

I put three club cards in one.

It contains Vons, Ralphs, & Albertsons.   I had this for about 6-8 years now.  Vons club card is the oldest one.  It's about 10 years old.

Supermarket Club card

albertsons, vons, ralphs card

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Christmas here we come



I remember this clearly.

Two years ago, in 2006, I saw Christmas decorations at Costco on July 30.

Last year (2007) they were much slower on bringing out Christmas products.  I think I started to see Christmas items around September.

But, never the less, we are coming very close to start seeing Christmas items at Costco.

Get ready.  It's going to be fun.

My Christmas-Costco memory:
Last Christmas season, I bought $200.00 worth of candies from Costco for my nephews.  My goal was to give them the biggest stack of candies they will ever see in their life-time.  When I unloaded all the candies on the carpet, my nephews went crazy.  They were trying to grab as much candies as possible, but there were much more candies than they can handle.  Then the youngest one became hyper with sugar and started speak in tongue. He was keep saying he is a king of a candy castle. good time. 

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Heart Rate Monitoring



I just bought a heart rate monitor.

I wore it when I went to Costco today. This is so much fun.

Below graph shows that I spent 41 minutes at Costco and walked .7 miles...  I'm trying to find the way to show how much calories I burned.

As you can see, I am a cool customer at average heart rate of 78bpm (I don't know if that's good or bad). 

costco heart rate

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