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We had a glorious rainy Saturday today.

My tulip looked so fresh that it looked fake.

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Product Review - Water Ridge Kitchen Faucet


This is's official review on Water Ridge (WaterRidge) kitchen faucet.

Review written: February 1, 2015 - after 2 weeks of use.

  • This kitchen faucet by Water Ridge is good for what you pay ($78.99).  Pull-out feature & spray features function OK.  Installation was easy.  It works for me, but this is not for rich people.
  • Money to value score: 91%
  • Satisfaction score: 89%
  • Regert score: 0%  (I wouldn't do it any other way)
  • Complaints: (The faucet is good overall.  I'm just being picky).
    • The faucet feels lighter than it should.  It doesn't feel solid, heavy, and expensive.  You may even say it feels (somewhat) flimsy.
    • It lacks precision in water flow control.  Control is OK/good, but not great.  I bet expensive faucets provide better control (precision).
    • I cannot use spray at low flow.
    • It comes with 1 sink hole cover.  But, I can see a lot of people would need the second sink hole cover.
  • Rich man score: I would buy a better faucet if I made $90K / year
  • I don't understand bad reviews online - maybe I have low standard? or maybe I need to give it more time?  we'll have to wait and see.  So far, I am happy with it.  My kitchen looks better.  I feel better when I'm in the kitchen.

Water Ridge (WaterRidge) Costco kitchen faucet

Water Ridge (WaterRidge) kitchen faucet

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Costco Shopping - January 27, 2015. Flowers


I got three more bags of blower bulbs and plants.

I spent many hours researching online about flowers and plants for my area.  So, trust me, these are great deals.  Easy access to these plants alone is worth of Costco membership.  Try to get these elsewhere and you'll see what I mean.  I didn't even know some of these plants even existed.  That's what made this purchase extra exciting for me.

I have to go elsewhere for some other items such as Sunflower seeds and climbing roses.  But, Costco supplies bulk of plants I want. 

I want to grow pretty stuff in the shaded area of my house, no Ivies. (no offence to Ivey lovers)

Now I have to find time to plant them.

PS. Costco's Tulip bulbs I planted on Christmas eve is now growing strong.  See how cute they are (picture below)

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Costco Executive Membership Reward Check


Costco's executive members receive 2% on most Costco purchases.

I received $55.48, so it paid for my executive membership plus 48 Cents.

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Pictures for my mother - Costco Tulips


I bought this jar of tulips two weeks ago for my mother.  It was $11.99 at Costco.  I normally see my parents every weekend.  But, my parents have been busy last 2 weekends.  Tulips are now in full blooms.  So, I decided to take pictures of them and email to my mother.

My mother enjoyed the images I sent her.

I set it on the chair by the window so it will get some Sunlight.  I bought that chair last week for $5 at a garage sale.  I should talk about garage sales.

Photography: I am still enjoying my Canon PowerShot S120. It takes near professional quality photographs that I stopped carrying my SLR camera.  I popped the flash at low setting.  Without the flash, pictures will be too contrasty and background will be much darker.

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Costco Shopping - January 20, 2015


That garden watering kit seemed a bit pricy ($21.49).  But, I wanted to treat myself with some fancy gardening tool.  I water my plants every day.  So, $21, 49 is a small price for convenience and fun I may have.

So far, as Spring approaches, I planted 1 lemon tree and about 80 flower bulbs.  I shall plant more.

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Costco Kitchen Faucet - WaterRidge


I replaced the kitchen faucet.  Not only that, I finally installed the water filtration system I bought 2 years ago (from Costco).

After Costco shopping yesterday I had a phone conversation with a friend.  I told her I bought a nice kitchen faucet at costco.  And, get this, she asked me how much it would cost me to install it.  I was a little offended.  She completely dismissed my mechanical common sense.  I am not clueless.  I build my computers from scratch.  So, I told her that there should be no problem for me to install the faucet.  I have never replace a kitchen faucent before, but how hard can it be?

So, today, I installed the kitchen faucent. While I was at it, I remembered I still had a water filtration system I bought 2 years ago.  So, I installed the water filtration system as well.

When the same friend came over both the faucet and the filter was installed.  She saw my new sink setup, but she didn't say anything.  She didn't say "Wow" or "Hm.."   Nothing...

I almost asked her to leave.  What do I have to do to impress her?  (don't tell me, this is a family show).


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Costco Shopping - January 16, 2015


I've been checking out this kitchen faucet for a while.  Kitchen faucets have wide range of price.  At Home Depot, I saw kitchen faucets ranging $40 to $200+.  I bought this faucet with a blind faith.  This has to be a good deal.  It looks pretty good, solid, and fancy. The difficult part is that I have to motivate myself to install it.  This WaterRidge faucet was $78.99.

I like Kashi granola bar.  It's tasty.  I bought 2 more boxes.  Everyone should keep granola bars, especially at work.  I often get hungry at work.  I didn't research, but my guess is that granola bars are better than Sneaker bars. 

Six Calla lily bulbs were $11.99.  This is a great price.  Costco will have flower bulbs that will perform in your climate (zone).  And they will be available for you at the right time to plant them.  This is a great benefit of shopping at Costco.  It takes away the guessing game.

A glass pot of live tulips are for my mother.

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