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Best price on Sony DVD


I never buy blank DVD's from Costco.  Blank DVD's at Costco don't have good price.  Costco sells spindles of 100 blank Sony DVDs at $29.49 each. I can easily find the exact same Sony DVD's for $23.00.

This time Costco had "Buy one, get one free" coupon on these Sony DVD's.

So, they come out under $15.00 each spindle (100 pack).  Now that's a pretty good price on blank DVD's.

PS. I forgot to use this coupon the other day.  I dropped by today when I was on my way to meet somebody. 

I have a BS degree in computer.  But I don't know the difference between -R and +R.  They all work for me  But I always mix -R's & +R's just in case.

Sony DVDs Costco

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Shopping at Costco - August 5, 2008


Today's treat was the shrimps.  I look at these shrimps everytime I go to Costco.  I thought I've waited long enough to enjoy some. 

I also had a hotdog.  and I put gas in the car. (3.99/gal)

costco shrimps
Oops!  I ate this at Costco with a Costco Hotdog
At first, I was going to get a taste or two.  I hate myself. Smile

Costco Receipt





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Guitar Practice :)


This blog contradicts my prior blog about Karaoke Machine at Costco.  Because now I am becoming that annoying person.  But it's cute when I do it - Smile

Last few months, I've been practicing guitar.  Next time when I see electric guitars at Costco, I would like to play it.

I will not play some Mickey Mouse songs either.  I will play something very difficult and technical.

One of the songs I practice is  Mr. Crowley by Ozzy Osborn (Original Guitar arrangement by Randy Rhodes)

I will not play if I cannot play right - it has to be good.

Mr Crowley


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Costco Breakfast


This was today's breakfast. 

Everything you see in this picture is from Costco. I try to eat good, but it's not easy.  I often eat really bad lunch (with fries and all...).

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Karaoke Machine at Costco


Karaoke is fun.  I personally don't enjoy Karaoke, but I understand it is entertaining to many people around the globe.

Last two times when I went to Costco, there was a Karaoke machine on the floor.  It was turned on for anyone to enjoy.

I don't know about you guys, but I hate it when peoeple sing at Costco.  It's embarrassing.  

You can tell that they are trying to impress a bunch of strangers at Costco.  You cannot hide twitches on their faces.

Then they get into their own groove (spacing out).  It's not good...  It's embarrassing.

There are some of you thinking "I am different. It's cute when I sing".  Surprise, I am talking about you.

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Costco Shrimps at the Wedding


I went to a wedding today.  They had dinner catered from Wood Ranch.  Good stuff.

I was presently surprised to see some Costco shrimps on the kitchen table.  I had to grab some.   Costco shrimps completed my dinner.   Good stuff.

Costco Shrimps
Costco Shrimps at the Wedding

It was an incredible dinner.  I loved it.

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First time using American Express Card


I used my new American Express card for the first time today.  After shopping, I even put gas in the car.   There was absolutely no line at the gas station.  Gas was $4.159 a Gallon.

The price on eggs was pretty good at $5.49 (5 dz).  This is a lot cheaper than $9.29 I paid 4 months ago. ($6.59 in April)

We are in grape season now.  So enjoy fresh graps while they last. 

Costco Coupon Book (what's left from my last shopping) saved me another $10.00.  So my total savings from this Costco coupon book is now $41.50.  Smile

Costco Shopping Blog

American Express Costco

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Shopping with a Coupon Book


I love Costco coupons.  Today I saved $31.50 with Costco coupon book. 

Everything I bought was something we absolutely needed, except for the M&M candies and the wicked long pillow in the back.  Today was Friday so I treated myself with a bag of M&M.  After working 70 hours (or more) this week, I think I deserve something sweet.

Costco Shopping Coupon

I was tempted to buy some sodas (Pepsi) with the coupon.  But I decided not to.  I try not to drink soda.  Also, I do not have that kind of money.  Sodas are bad for you anyway.

I was especially happy with Gillette Mach3 disposable shavers.  They have the same Gillette Mach3 blades, except the whole bodies are disposable.  The price on this 10 pack was better than buying 10 pack of identical razors (heads only, per item cost calculated).

I don't have any work this weekend.  So, I'm going to relax and enjoy M&M as I work on my websites.  I don't think I will use the razors 'til Monday morning. Smile 

After shopping I went to El Pollo Loco to eat (next story).

Good day everyone.


Costco Receipt savings

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Shopping at Costco - July 13, 2008


I had two meetings with customers today (Sunday).  I was in the neighborhood, and today was the last day I could use $10.00 coupon for Brita water filters.  After picking up Brita Filters, I picked up some food items as well.

Saving Money with Brita Water Filter:
Box of Brita Filters was $32.00 (after $10.00 coupon).  These 10 filters will last well over 1 year.  With this, I have a guaranteed supply of good tasting water.  I don't buy bottled water.  I do not have a reverse osmosis water purification system. I believe Brita is the cheapest source for clean and tasty water.

Oh, and there is NO WAY I am buying water from one of those vending machines in front of supermarkets.  I don't know about you, but I woudn't drink that water if you pay me to.

costco shopping


- Costco Shopping blog -

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American Express card never arrived


I applied for TrueEarnings Card from Costco & American Express about 6 months ago.

I thought it was odd that they didn't get back to me for all this time.  I may not be a rich person, but my credit is immaculate.  I had absolutely no reason why they might not approve me for their card.

After about 6 months, I received a letter from Costco - basically saying "I hope you are enjoying your new card"

Then I've noticed that they didn't have a correct address on the letter.  My address number was missing one digit.

Let me make it clear on this.  I didn't give them a wrong address.  The application itself had my address pre-typed with my address.

So I called the American Express.  They said the card was mailed out 4 months ago.  Luckily the card was never activated.. never used.

Anyway, I will receive my new Costco/American Express card in a few days. 

TrueEarnings Card from Costco and American Express gives you all kinds of cash back bonuses for purchase in and outside of Costco.  I think this will become my main card.

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