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Day Old Coffee


Sometimes I don't get to finish all the coffee I brew.

When I have left-over coffee, I don't trash it.  I keep it for the next day.

I keep my old coffee in the refrigerator.  Next day, I put some syrup (either French Vanilla or Caramel, depends on the mood) and drink it cold.

I buy coffee syrups from Costco, but it gets a little tricky.

You can purchase coffee syrups ONLY from Jose's booth events.   Jose's sales team will visit your local Costco a few times a year.  We don't shop at Costco everday, so you may not get to see Jose's Booth for years.  You may have to call your local Costco for Jose's schedule.

Costco Iced Coffee

Butterscotch Toffee Coffee from Costco
My recent purchase from Jose's booth event

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2 Coffee Stories


Coffee Story #1 - Starbucks Gift-cards now at Costco

I saw this sign at the checkout line at Costco (Oxnard, Ca).

"Starbucks Gift Card, Five $20.00 cards for $79.00"

I love good coffees (reference my blog entry).  I always keep Starbucks coffee at home & at work.  Along with Starbucks coffee, I have a few more different brands of coffee for different mood of the day (FYI, I'm not gay Smile).  I am also a tea drinker.

Anyway, I think $2.00 for a cup of coffee is too expensive. The only time I go to Starbucks (or Coffee Beans) is when I meet customers.  The location provides me a good meeting place worth of paying a couple of bucks.  Other than that, I will never pay $2.00 for a coffee that I can brew at home.  Not to mention dealing with some phony people there.

Coffee Story #2 - Pumpkin Spice Coffee

I saw holiday flavored coffee at Costco the other day.  It's "Pumpkin Spice Coffee" by Newhall Coffee Roasting Company.  It smelled like Christmas.  I thought this coffee could help me through the season.  I was tempted to buy one of these at $7.99.  But I already have about 4-6 large bags of coffee filling up my freezer space. 

I should keep coffee beans in a cool room temperature.  But, I don't drink coffee too much.  A bag of coffee lasts long time - So, I vacuum and freeze them.

Honestly, my freezer is maxed out.  I don't have a space to squeeze in an ice cube.  You don't believe me?  Look... 

Let's see... If I finish that ice cream, I may have a space for that pumpkin Spice coffee.

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Tea time


This story is related to Linens'n Things closing story

So, my boss' wife went to the same Linens'n Things that I went 2 months ago.  I guess they now have better sales going on.

I better check them out before they close the store.  But I doubt I will find any useful items now.

Anyway, she went and bought a box of Bentley's Exotic Teas for us.

This is sweat, because I'm the only tea drinker at work.  Ha ha ha...

It's all mine.  I am enjoying them.

exotic teas
Bentley's Exotic Teas

Bentley's Tea

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Forgot to bring my coupon~!!


I went Costco today and I completely forgot to bring my Costco coupon book. I didn't have much to buy.. but one of the items (I wanted to buy with coupon) was a 56Oz bag of M&M (peanuts).

I am scheduled to go to Costco pretty soon. So... things can wait.

I'm having chicken for dinner tonight.
Jumbo shrimps are my special treat.  This bag will last 4-6 months.

Reed (Fragrance) Diffuser is something I need.  After a long day, when I walk into my apartment, my place doesn't smell quite the best.  I need to have some fancy scent that will motivate me to work on my personal projects such as

Gas was $3.359 a Gallon

* I was looking for Guinness (beer), but they didn't have it. Frown.  I cannot drink cheap beer anymore.  This is a typical side-effect from shopping at Costco for too long.  You learn to appreciate good stuff.


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Haggar's Luxe Khaki pants are back


I went to Costco for passport pictures.

Then I hit the jackpot.

They finally brought back "Luxe Khaki" pants by Haggar. These are my favorite pants of all time. 

They are wrinkle free, they stretch a little, and they look professional.

These pants are a lot more comfortable than blue jeans.

I only had three pairs of these pants.  And I wanted to buy some more.  Today I bought 5 pairs ($19.99 each)

I tell ya.  Wrinkle free is way to go.  It's not totally wrinkle free.  I iron them every time.  But, It takes very short time to iron them.  I hope they carry more colors.

luxe Khaki pants

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Shopping at Costco - September 12, 2008


Oh boy, I am so busy...  
Quick picture upload..

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Christmas shopping season in full gear


Michael's displayed Christmas items since late August.

From this point, we are in full Christmas mode.  Christmas is just over three months away.  You better start your Christmas shopping.

christmas michaels


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99 Cents only stores to raise price


99 Cents only store found the way to increase price and still keep it under a Dollar.

99 cents only store
Photography by yours truly - in 2006 (I think)

Now, they are 99.99 Cents only.

I thought this was a brilliant idea.  99 Cents only stores needed to raise price.  Also, they need to raise price in the future.  I don't know how they will keep things under a buck in the future.  At one point, they must raise price.

This is why Big!Lots makes sense. But I like them better when they used to be Pick 'n Save

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Good buy, but impulse buy - HP Laserjet P1005


I made an impulse buy last week.

This HP's Laserjet model P1005 was on sale at for $50.00 plus free shipping. This paticular printer usually goes for $120.00 - $160.00.

Basically, I bought the ink cartridge and they gave me the printer for free.

The problem is that my current printer works fine.  It's an older model and it prints slower.  But it works. 

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