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Costco Shopping - December 30, 2008


Today's shopping was all about my naphews and a niece.  My small family is getting together for a new years day dinner.  So, I am bringing treats and cash to give to my naphews and a niece.

My family loved the shrimps last week.  This time I am going to cook 4 pounds of shrimps tomorrow.

Costco Treats

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Costco Coupon Book is Out - Now Recycle Friendly


New Costco coupon book is out.
It's valid from January 5 - Jan 25, 2009.

But, there is a twist. 

This coupon book is recycle friendly.  It was printed on non-glossy paper.  Papers are not coated with plastic like any other fancy coupons.

This proves my point yet again.

Costco is saving money by using cheaper paper.  At the same time, these papers are recycle friendly.

Everybody wins - Costco is setting standard yet again.

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Costco Shopping - December 27, 2008


I needed to refill my juice supplies (apples, pears, carrots). 

I needed to purchase more Costco tote bags because I gave two to my sister on Christmas day.  Also, I've been having a big craving for chocolate since I came back home from Christmas dinner.

On Christmas day, I brought a jar of chocolate to my family?  The whole jar disappeared.  I am so happy that people enjoy stuff I bring to them.  Anyway, I had to buy another jar - this time it's for me.

Gas was $1.679 / gallon

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Costco Shopper's Christmas Day


Merry Christmas everyone.

I was looking forward to family dinner at my parents' house.  You see, I was home alone for Thanksgiving.  I enjoyed my day off and all, but..  
Anyway, This is how my day went as a Costco shopper.

I had my usual breakfast (eggs, sandwich, & juice).  You see, I'm a single man.  I try to use less amount of dishes possible, so I have less to clean up later.  It works for me.

Costco Coffee Pumpkin Spice
I brewed Pumpkin Spice Coffee for the road.
Check out my poor man's coffee maker from Rite Aid. 
I don't need expensive coffee maker.

2 bags full of Costco products & gifts for Christmas dinner
Later, I ended up filling one more Costco tote bag with bottles of water and sodas.

My nephews loved the cars I bought from Costco

Before the turkey was ready, 3 containers of Costco shrimps were gone.
You can also see table cover, cups, plates, and napkins I brought.
Oh, and there is a piece of Cosco's turkey jerky

Costco Chocolate
My oldest sister took the jar of "Chocolate of the World" by Kirkland Signature.  She emptied the entire contents on the carpet and picked out her favorite flavors.  Then she hid her stash.  ha ha....

I also gave my sister 2 Costco tote bags

This is what I came back home with.  Ham and mustard are from Honeybaked.  So, out of all the Costco products I brought, all I had left was 2 pieces of chocolate.  I even gave out 2 Costco tote bags to my sister.

It was a glorious day.  I felt sad that Christmas came and gone so fast.  It was past midnight before I knew it.  Cry Cool

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A Christmas Gift to Myself


This is a Christmas gift I gave to myself.

It's Das Keyboard - the best keyboard available.

I bought the "Ultimate" model.  As you can see the keyboard is completely blank. 

It was $129.00, delivered from
It's a little expensive, but Christmas gift should be fancy.
I am loving this keyboard.

I spend 12-16 hours a day typing (programming & blogging).  I am thinking about getting one for work as well.  It's a beautiful keyboard.  The quality is amazing.

Das Keyboard

Kas Keyboard ultimate

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Costco Blog - Shopping December 23, 2008


I am getting ready for Christmas dinner at my parents' house in 2 days.  I thought it would be too risky to go to Costco tomorrow (Christmas Eve).  Costco will close early tomorrow.  Also, pumpkin pies may run out.

I think I'm all set.  Oh, I need to pickup Honey Baked Ham from Ventura tomorrow.

Costco has quality ham.  Kirkland Signature hams are pretty good.  I feel sorry to betray Costco, but I had to pay big bucks and order Honey Baked.  What can I say...

After taking this picture, I fixed a quick dinner with Beef Steak Strips and couscous (pictured below, six pack).  I love good instant meals I get from Costco.

OK, Merry Christmas everyone.. I'm out.

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Costco answers phone with "Merry Christmas"


Below is an excerpt from the article I found at The Christian Science Monitor.  I thought it was interesting.  Click here for a full article

This year between Dec. 1 and Dec. 8, Costco President Jim Sinegal received e-mail from 124,000 AFA members who objected to an alleged Costco policy to avoid the term "Christmas" in promotions. By Dec. 10, an operator at Costco headquarters in Issaquah, Wash., was answering all calls with a "Merry Christmas!" greeting. "They recognize now that these advertising yuppies out of college were steering their companies wrong," says Randy Sharp, AFA director of special projects. "I believe we're beginning to win the war [for] Christmas."

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Costco Shopping December 19, 2008


I had a day off from work today, so I went to Costco to enjoy myself.

I am getting ready for a Christmas dinner party at my parents' house.   I will bring disposable party supplies so my parents will not do dishes.  They are getting old, you see. 

Construction papers are Christmas gift for my niece. Those will go well with the colored pens I bought earlier.

I treated myself with a fancy robe. I wish Jehovah's Witness will visit me Sunday morning.  So I can greet them in my new robe.  I couldn't resist this robe at $19.99.  The quality of this robe is amazing.  Of course, it's a Costco quality.

I had to buy an extra set of bed sheet set. This is a part of my "Buying new bed" project.  My new bed is too warm with flannel sheets right now.  I hope these 600 thread count supima cotton sheets will cool me down a little. This was a totally unexpected extra expense of $69.99.  I have a blind faith that $69.99 is a very good price for queen size bed sheets of this quality.

I spent about $180.00 today

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'A Day Without a Bag' Day? - A Lesson from Costco


December 18 is "A Day Without a Bag" day.

We are supposed to not use single use bags for one day (both paper and plastic).

Honestly, I don't give a rat's tail about "A Day Without a Bag"

I am a good citizen.  I follow the rule and I pay tax.  I don't throw trash on street.  I don't harm nature on purpose.  I have a perfect driving record.  I recycle...  I respect and obey the law.  I'm a little guy. 

I recycle

But, as long as there are single use bags available to me, I will use them all I want without feeling guilty.  I have absolutely no guilt.

If single use bags are so bad, then why do they still exist?  So, they harm nature... then why does our government allow Vons to give away for free? 

I will go about living my life without worrying about these things.  We have politicians to come up with the law.  And I will obey that law. 

Some people would say "everyone should do a part".  Yes, I am doing my part caring and following rules.  You give me a huge paycheck like the politicians get.  Then I will make a big fuss about not using plastic bag for one stinking day. 

I know how to be phony, I just don't get paid enough to be one.

Costco Tote Back, shopping
Costco customers are quietly laughing at "A Day without a Bag" stunt

Look at Costco.  Costco doesn't have plastic bags.  They rarely give us paper bags.  They put products in used boxes for you.  Sometimes they don't even give you boxes.  Costco is saving a lot of money that way. Most of all, they save many tons of trees every year. They reduce a lot of  polution.  Now That's how I like it. 

This is yet another reason why I love Costco.  They don't need no stinking "A Day without a Bag" gag. 

A day?
A day?
Costco's been living it for years now. 

I have 4 Costco tote bags in my trunk.  I use those bags whenever I go to Costco.  That's what I'm talking about.  Just take away the single use bags.  I will go with the flow.  I will use what's available.

I bet I use less amount of disposable bags than most consumers in my area.

So, America, take a lesson from Costco.  Just get rid of disposable bags.  Don't insult me with "A Day without a Bag" crap.

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Broke my own sushi eating record


On November 26, 2008, I broke my own sushi eating record.

I always go to sushi with my co-worker(s) for lunch.  But he was too busy, so I had to go alone.

This is my glorious achievement.  I ate them all.

* I am 5'7", 155lb.  I am not fat.  If anything, I am considered "a little skinny". 

- end -

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