This is a personal blog. I am not affiliated with Costco in any way.
But, we needed a place for Costco shoppers to say hi.
I hope you enjoy the stay. Have a nice day.

Annoying, but love them - Flo & Shamwow guy


These are two guys I thought they were pretty annoying at first.

But they grew on me.  I like Flo & Shamwow guy.

I also like 1800 Dentist girl.

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Tweety Key-Chain


* 13th package this year.

There is an old lady in my neighborhood. She's a lot older than my mother.  She used to carry a big fuzzy Tweety Bird key chain.

I say "Hi" whenever I see her.  
Her tweety bird was getting dirty.

Then, one day, she stopped carrying her Tweety Bird.  She lost the bird, she said.

So I went online and ordered a fuzzy Tweety Key-chain.  Fuzzy Tweety is in the mail.  This key-chain is something extra I am going to give her.

I hope I will give them to her on Valentine's day, but I don't think the Fuzzy one will make it on time.  Mm.. It's OK.

Tweety Bird Keychain

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Costco Shopping - Speed Shopping


* Today's Costco shopping: 8th time this year, 2nd time this month

I was so busy and tired, that was not going to make it to Costco after work.  So I decided to go to Costco on my lunch hour.

I started my stop watch and headed out to Oxnard Costco.  It took me exactly 10 minutes to get to Costco.  Then I was pushing my cart inside Costco like Tony Stewart at Watkins Glen (a little NASCAR humor there)

I spent $140.00 in a record breaking time.

I did good with time.  I even ate a hotdog for lunch.

Costco Coupons

Costco Hotdog was my lunch.Costco Hotdog
Costco Hotdog, stop watch approaching 46 minutes

Check out my Calculator watch.  I like that watch so much that I own a second watch as a backup (just in case I lose this one...)

Costco Shopping Blog

Brita filter is for work.  Now I can drink cold, tasty water at work.

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Up 27 Hours, Police Chase



I went to work.
I went to Costco.
I did 3 loads of laundry.
I ironed 11 pants & 12 shirts (took 3 hours)
I fixed dinner, ate, & did the dishes.
I did more work.
etc, etc...

I have been up since 10:30pm last night.
So, I've been up and working 26+ hours straight.

It's 12:30am, but I cannot go to sleep.
There is a police chase going on (online).. I must watch the chase..
They were showing the chase on TV at first.
But, after 11:30pm all TV stations had to move on.  But I still have access to two internet channels where I can watch the chase.

Chase is over, but now it's a stand up.
The suspect is in a Bentley, a $150,000.00 car.

I just cannot stop watching car chases

Oh my God~!!  the guy killed himself.
They are gonna get the body out.
Oh, boy... there he goes... he's dead.
Now it's 1:14am but there are people everywhere on the street.
This has to be a top news tomorrow.  Wow..

This is why I watch car chases.  It's a real human drama.   You never know what's going to happen.


Costco shopping story coming up tomorrow... I am very tired.

I cannot believe I've been up 27 hours straight.  So stupid...

Good night.

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BBQ Day this Weekend


I am getting ready for a BBQ day tomorrow (Saturday).  I will be eating alone, but it's OK.  I manage to keep myself busy and entertained.

I need to work on my web projects. 

I plan to take a nap, practice guitar, watch The Lakers, drink coffee, keep working...  I should visit my parents too... hm.  I am so busy.

Anyway, I have chicken and steak ready for tomorrow.  Chicken is from July 2008 shopping, steak is from the Glorious Thanksgiving Steak Sale.  

I need to pick out some movies for this weekend.  Out of my movie collection there are about 150 movies that I haven't watched.

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Del Taco Lunch With Coupon


Lunch at Del Taco today

I used a "Buy one, get one Free" coupon and got two Macho Tacos for $1.71.  I saved over $3.00 by using a coupon and skipping on a drink.

I popped a can of diet Pepsi when I got back to work.

My co-worker spent over $5 on his lunch.  It's not easy to convert him into a coupon clipper.  It's not easy to persuade him when he doesn't feel the need to save.  To me, clipping coupons is a fun game.

Del Taco Reciept

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How I Like My Eggs


How I like my eggs.

If I take eggs to work, I make them soft boiled for easy handling.
If I eat at home, I scramble.

When I scramble eggs, use 3 whites and 2 yolks.

Update 2010: I eat 4 eggs a day now.  Every morning I boil 4 eggs.  I eat 2 whites and 1 yolk for breakfast.  I eat 2 whites and 1 yolk for lunch.  Then I may eat more eggs (for dinner, or if I feel like more eggs)

Egg Soft Boiled 

My Typical Breakfast: Orange colored drink is juice (apple, pear, carrots)

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Lunch Shopping at Costco


* Today's Costco Shopping: 8th time this year, 2nd time this month

My coworker wanted Costco hotdog and pizza for lunch, so I gladly took him to Oxnard Costco.  He doesn't have a membership, see.  My coworker was like a kid in the candy store... He checked out the prices on a lot of TV's and other electronics.

Then we ate hotdogs and pizzas.  I am normally full after one hotdog, but I tend to eat a lot when I'm eating with a company.  Eating is more enjoyable with a company.  Especially, when I'm with my coworker, we play a little game to see how much we can eat.

Costco Hotdog Pizza
Costco Hotdog and Pizza.  What you don't see under the relish is a massive amount of onion.  You can see red shade from the red umbrella.

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Costco Shopping - February 1, 2009


* Today's Costco Shopping: 7th time this year, 1st time this month

It's Sunday.  I went to Costco at 11am, before the church people start packing the house.  I bought some basic stuff.  I didn't buy anything special today.

I am going to Los Angeles.  I will get you a picture of the Hollywood sign. 

Oh boy.. long drive...

Here we go... it was hazy today

I am tired...

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Happy Saturday~!  Tongue out
Be happy for me, I finally took a nap.  It was a glorious 2 hr nap.

My server computer is operational now.  Beautiful.

I am going to Los Angeles for a personal business.  So, I will not be able to rest and/or enjoy Superbowl Sunday.

Then I did some house chores later. 

Ironing Pants

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