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Keep using AmEx until 19th - Start Using Citi at 20th


Keep using your American Express Costco card through June 19th (Sunday)
Start using your new Citi card on Monday, June 20th. 

Your Costco rewards will be carried over to your Citi card automatically (according to Costco).

If you received your new Citi card, activate/check-in your card.  You can do so by calling or getting online.  It took me about 5 minutes (or less) to check in online.

I don't know about you, but I have absolutely no reason to use American Express card anymore.  I've alway thought American Express was hoity toity.  Costco was the only reason I opened the account.


PS. Oh, Christmas is coming to costco in 7 weeks.  :) 

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salad for luncheon


Hello! I’m hostessing a lunch for about 30 people for mother-in-law’s 90th birthday. After hors d’oeuvres we will have quiche (the standard size from costco), a fruit plate, and salad. I would like recommendations for a salad that would look nice on someone’s plate next to quiche. I’d like to get it by the pound in the deli section. Do they have a green bean or green pea salad that anyone would recommend? Or something else fairly colorful that you like? I don't have a costco membership but will have my sister-in-law with me, and she has one.


I know there have been good comments about their packaged caesar salad mix, and I might use that, but I would like to hear options from the deli.


Thanks for recommendations for things you have actually tried and liked!

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Golden Island Jerky


Company website:

*Your jerky preference may be different than mine.

Have you tried jerkies by Golden Island? I see them occasionally at Costco.  I usually see one flavor at a time. They sell jerkies with exotic & unique flavors such as Kung Pao Beef & Korean Barbecue Pork.  They are tender and rich in flavor.

Their jerkies are handcrafted in small batches - according to their website. 

I wondered about how they tasted.  Then I received these samples.  I can't describe taste with words - but they are all good.  My favorite is Kung Pao beef.  If I see them at Costco I will buy some.  I thought may be close up pictures can show the textures.  They may give you some idea.

Most jerkies in the market have a similar taste.  They have a common theme going on.  But, Golden Island sells jerkies with unique taste that if I have a craving for Kung Pao beef,  there will be no substitute for it. Maybe this kind of jerky is common in China Town.... (?) I don't know.

If you are a jerky lover who likes Asian & ethnic taste, these may be a special treat for you.  You can see them occasionally at Costco.

Look below for pictures and my quick reviews on each product.

Grilled Barbecue - Although I enjoyed it, this tasted more "Common" to me.

Korean Barbeque (Pork) - Very nice and exotic (different)

Sriracha (pork) - Very nice and exotic (different)

Kung Pao (Beef) - Perhaps my favorite of them all.  It's exotic, spicy (not very spicy), and has rich ethnic taste.  Look at all that peppers.  It doesn't taste like anything I've tasted before. I liked it a lot.  I want some more.

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noisy fan


Just installed GE SOLANO LED CEILING FAN.  I like the looks and the light, but it is too loud.  The motor is noisy to the point that I will probably be returning this item. 

Anyone else have this issue?  Maybe I got a bad one?  

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Pen 15 - Exclusive Club


My favorite coworker at work is exactly 20 years younger than I am.  I call her my "Little buddy".  I think I am her favorite coworker as well.  Sometimes she declines lunch dates with young guys so she can have a fun and relaxing lunch with "Uncle John", that's what she calls me.

One day we were talking about how old I was - like we often do for fun.  Then she told me about this exclusive club named Pen 15.  "Either you're in or out.  But, I think you are too old to even know about it" she stated.

"10-15?" I asked.   "Nono.. Pen15" she said...  "Ah~ let me show you.  give me your hand."  So I gave her my hand.

This is what she wrote on my hand (below)

"You suck!" I yelled at her.   "Hahaha!  I owned you!"  she laughed.

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Garage Sale - May 14, 2016


I spent $3 today on this compass. 

FYI: I decorate my guest bathroom with nautical theme.  I live somewhat close to the ocean, but  never go to the ocean. Anyway I enjoy nautical theme in the bathroom.

The owner asked for $5 for this.  I haggled it down to $3.

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RECALL (Important) - Costco Frozen Vegetable and Fruit Products


I trust most of you already received a phone call from Costco.

Some of Costco's frozen vegetable fruit products are on recall.  Please read if this concerns you.

Below is from CRF Frozen Foods, LLC's press release

"We are performing this volun tary recall in cooperation with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) because these products have the potential to be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes. The organism can cause serious and sometimes fatal infections in young children, frail or elderly people, and others with weakened immune systems."

Please click here for a list of Costco items on recall and a complete press release.


I received a phone call from Costco.  They played a machine recording to my machine.  I was instructed to stop eating them and to take them back to Costco for a full refund.  This is a hassle. 

  • If they know enough to call my house about it, why don't they just give me the refund without having me taking food back to them?
  • Can I just dump all the food and bring the package wrappers for a refund? 
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Costco Coupons May 5 - May 29, 2016


Click below to view coupons. Thanks to Adamcos

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Garage Sale - April 30, 2016


I spent $2.75 today at garage sales.

After garage sales I enjoy doing a little research on-line.  I want to know more about what I bought.  And, naturally, I would like to know how much these itmes sell for.  I never sold anything I bought from garage sales, but I think I'm getting better at picking out stuff.

Vintage spice rack with 10 jars was 25 Cents (2 jars missing).  I believe this mid-century Japanese spice racks were popular back then.  It's beautiful and practical.  I will be using it all the time. I found few of these on eBay for $30-50.

6 pack of brand new Ikea steak knives was $2. I found these on eBay for $27 - $46. At the garage sale the lady had 4 boxes of these.  I actually thought about buying all 4 boses so I can sell them. 

I bought Dale Earnhardt magnet (number 3) because I like Dale Earnhardt.  He's a NASCAR legend.  I watched his last race in 2001 (he died in the crash). I paid 50 Cents for two magnets.  I was going to stick one on my refrigerator and give one to my coworker.  Then I realized these magnets are hard to find items.  I guess they don't make them any more.  On several websites, including Welmart, they were selling these for $15 or more. I will try to sell them at $10 each.

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Computer Desk - Left Legs


I recently bought a computer desk for $30, and a 7up crate for $5.  Of course, I bought both of them at garage sales.  I used 7up crate to hide massive amount of clutter.   Inside the crate, I put two external hard drives, a fan to cool the hard drives, extension cord, 3 AC adopters, and a lot of wires.

*The black box on top of the 7up crate is a battery backup system for my computer. 

Oh my God, this is a boring blog..  ZZzz....

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