This is a personal blog. I am not affiliated with Costco in any way.
But, we needed a place for Costco shoppers to say hi.
I hope you enjoy the stay. Have a nice day.

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Roll is Roll. Sush is Sushi. Roll is not Sushi


This happens sometimes when I meet new people.  And this irritates me (little) when it happens.

We talk about food.  And she claims that she LOVES Sushi.  So, we start talking about Sushi.  Then she tells me she only eats California roll and other cooked stuff.

So... she doesn't like sushi.  She likes other stuff they sell at sushi places.   It's like me going to Del Taco for Double Del Cheeseburger - and claim I just ate Mexican food.

Roll is not Sushi.  Sushi usually means raw fish sitting on top of a block of rice.  Yes, not all sushi is raw, but most good stuff is raw.

Anything "Roll" is not sushi. California roll is not sushi.

Roll is roll
Sushi is sushi
Roll is not sushi

In many cases, girls who say they love sushi turn out that they cannot handle sushi.  This is frustrating to people who like sushi.

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Happy Holidays! - Thanksgiving Hangover


Happy holidays to you~!

I put away Thanksgiving stuff.  I put the turkey rack in trash bag for a long term storage.  In the trash bag, I put a little note to myself.  I will be 1 year older when I open this bag.  I hope I will bake turkey next year.  I hope I will enjoy my boring life-style for many years to come.

My Christmas coffee mug is out for the season.  Good times.

Oh, something happened to my leftover turkey meal.  They tasted even better a day old.  Maybe it's because I didn't spend time cooking.  I just microwaved.  Anyway, leftover turkey was very enjoyable.  I am happy with my turky this year.

I hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend.  Take care.  Talk to you soon.

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Happy Thanksgiving 2014


Happy Thanksgiving!
This year's turkey was THE best of them all.   It was a 21 pounder.

I've been baking Turkeys for 5-6 years now.  I usually bake 15 lb turkeys.  But, this year, I went for a bigger bird for a bigger fun.  As usual, I was home alone and ate alone.  I was invited to a family gathering about 70 miles away.  But, I politely declined so I can enjoy being home alone.   There is nothing like being at home - even if I live alone.

I am not a bad son.  In fact, I am a good son.  I see my parents almost every weekend. So, my parents do not miss me for Thanksgiving much.  I will see them in 2 days, and we will share Thanksgiving stories.

My turkey came out really nice.   I didn't follow any recipe. I seasoned the turkey from my past experience (memory).  I used orange, lemon, sage, & rosemary growing in my front yard.  I watched TV, drank coffee, and relaxed.  It was a good time.

Happy Thanksgiving.

I am glad I bought that turkey rack from Costco last year

From Costco: Turkey, turkey rack, cranberry sauce, green bean casserole, gravy

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Available at Costco - Donsuemor Madeleines, Whitehall Lane Winery


During the holidays, it’s just as important to save. With gifts to be bought and guests to entertain, it’s a nice time to give thanks to Costco. Not only does the super store offer great gift ideas and steals (think electronics, books, clothes, etc.), but it features some great staples for the table during the holiday season. While turkey and the trimmings seem obvious, here are two items that can be enjoyed by one and all (well, for one if you’re 21 and over that is), and may not be on your radar yet.

For the sweet tooth of guests wishing for a compliment to their seasonal hot drink, be it tea, hot cocoa, or even a hot toddy - keep a case of Donsuemor Madeleines around the house. The French inspired dessert cookies are available in a 28-pack at Costco (priced at $6.99), and they not only look festive with their unique clamshell shape which can be dusted with powdered sugar for an extra winter touch, or arranged in a Christmas tree design for a table decoration, but their rich buttery taste coupled with a soft pillowy texture make them a simple treat which can be enjoyed by all ages.

With Costco’s vast selection of wine, choosing the right label can be overwhelming to say the least. For those looking to provide guest with something to sip on while mingling, the Whitehall Lane Winery choices are a crowd pleaser. Costco carries the Napa Valley winery’s Zinfandel for the red wine drinker - which pairs perfectly with rich holiday meats, and their Sauvignon Blanc for those in favor of white wine and want something crisp and citrusy to balance such finger foods such as cheese plates and shrimp cocktails.

Try them out this season and don’t be afraid to share your holiday hosting experience!

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Costco Shopping - November 20, 2014


It was a big shopping day.  I spent $188.

I bought a 21lb turkey and some fancy side dishes for Thanksgiving Day.  I also bought 3 cans of Christmas cookies and a jar of Chocolates of the World.

Good times. :)

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Website Being Updated


I am updating this website

It may take days or weeks.  It is a difficult process.

Today is Friday November 14, 2014. Let's see how long it will take...

I'll be back.

Wish me luck.

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October 2014 Purchases. A few more items.


Here are a few items that didn't make it to my blog last month (October 2014 purchases)

I recently lost 1 inch on my waist, from 31 inches to 30.  So, I bought 2 Costco belts (1 black, 1 brown) to celebrate my new look.  They were about $18 each.  They are good quality belts, much better than stupid Calvin Klein bents I bought 5 years ago.

Security night was something I needed.  I still need to install them.  I can do this no problem.  They have mixed reviews.  I hope mine will work fine.  It was super cheap after $10 instant rebate. ($39 ?).

I loved the turkey jerky.  Yum...

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Meeting My Old Neighbor


It's been over 2 years since I bought a house. I used to live in the same apartment complex for about 8 years. I made a lot of friends there, especially old ladies loved me. I am talking about grandmothers in their 70's and 80's.

Today, I was on a first date with a girl I met online.

After an early sushi dinner, I took her to my old neighborhood and told her my city's history.  I study local history, you see.  The ex-mayor of my city calls me the "city historian". I took her to a park that's used to be a cemetery.  I gave her a guide on surrounding landmarks. The Sun was about to set. The air was getting cold and crisp.

Then I saw my old neighbor, an old lady, walking her dog (white dog in the video, one who knocked me on my butt)  This video was shot 2011.

She is well over 80 years old.  She suffered some major illness.  I haven't seen her for over 2 years.  I used to talk to her and play with her dog.  I think about her sometime... I thought I would never see her again. 

I got out of my car and ran to her.

We didn't say anything.  We just hugged each other.  And we didn't let go for about a minute.  And we cried... and cried...

I was so glad to see her.  

We set on the park bench and talked some more... and I was keep crying. I was so happy to see her.  We held hands and gave each other hugs as we were talking. 

I told her that I loved her.  It was the first time telling her that I loved her.  "I love you.  I always have", she replied. It was getting dark, and I had to let her go.  She walked away slowly with her dog as the Sun set.

Oh, the girl... she ended up staying over night at my house, but that's another soty.  Nothing happened, really. I don't do casual sex. 

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