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Costco American Express Cash Back Reward


Costco and American Express is breaking up.  My American Express card will no longer work at Costco next year.  I will no longer receive cash back reward check.  Without Costco cash back check, I have no reason to continue using American Express card.

Anyway, here's my cash back reward check of $262.03

I am crossing my fingers for a good news on AmEx alterntative for Costco members.

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Cupboard Shelves


This is the part of my cupboard selves that I use most often.  I indicated where I got most items from.  I thought it tells a lot of stories.  You can see my Christmas mug wrapped and waiting for November. 

As much as I enjoy Costco plates, I plan to replace all the Costco plates with antique/collectable set.  I think it's time I upgrade my style.  I will find some nice set at a garage sale.

Below is my cupboard from 3 years ago, when I used live in an apartment.

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Happy Valentine's Day (2015)


Happy Valentine's Day (2015).

Viagra girl says that half of men over 40 suffer from some form of ED. But, I think most men can solve their problems by just watching the commercial.

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We had a glorious rainy Saturday today.

My tulip looked so fresh that it looked fake.

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Product Review - Water Ridge Kitchen Faucet


This is's official review on Water Ridge (WaterRidge) kitchen faucet.

Review written: February 1, 2015 - after 2 weeks of use.

  • This kitchen faucet by Water Ridge is good for what you pay ($78.99).  Pull-out feature & spray features function OK.  Installation was easy.  It works for me, but this is not for rich people.
  • Money to value score: 91%
  • Satisfaction score: 89%
  • Regert score: 0%  (I wouldn't do it any other way)
  • Complaints: (The faucet is good overall.  I'm just being picky).
    • The faucet feels lighter than it should.  It doesn't feel solid, heavy, and expensive.  You may even say it feels (somewhat) flimsy.
    • It lacks precision in water flow control.  Control is OK/good, but not great.  I bet expensive faucets provide better control (precision).
    • I cannot use spray at low flow.
    • It comes with 1 sink hole cover.  But, I can see a lot of people would need the second sink hole cover.
  • Rich man score: I would buy a better faucet if I made $90K / year
  • I don't understand bad reviews online - maybe I have low standard? or maybe I need to give it more time?  we'll have to wait and see.  So far, I am happy with it.  My kitchen looks better.  I feel better when I'm in the kitchen.

Water Ridge (WaterRidge) Costco kitchen faucet

Water Ridge (WaterRidge) kitchen faucet

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Costco Shopping - January 27, 2015. Flowers


I got three more bags of blower bulbs and plants.

I spent many hours researching online about flowers and plants for my area.  So, trust me, these are great deals.  Easy access to these plants alone is worth of Costco membership.  Try to get these elsewhere and you'll see what I mean.  I didn't even know some of these plants even existed.  That's what made this purchase extra exciting for me.

I have to go elsewhere for some other items such as Sunflower seeds and climbing roses.  But, Costco supplies bulk of plants I want. 

I want to grow pretty stuff in the shaded area of my house, no Ivies. (no offence to Ivey lovers)

Now I have to find time to plant them.

PS. Costco's Tulip bulbs I planted on Christmas eve is now growing strong.  See how cute they are (picture below)

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Costco Executive Membership Reward Check


Costco's executive members receive 2% on most Costco purchases.

I received $55.48, so it paid for my executive membership plus 48 Cents.

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Pictures for my mother - Costco Tulips


I bought this jar of tulips two weeks ago for my mother.  It was $11.99 at Costco.  I normally see my parents every weekend.  But, my parents have been busy last 2 weekends.  Tulips are now in full blooms.  So, I decided to take pictures of them and email to my mother.

My mother enjoyed the images I sent her.

I set it on the chair by the window so it will get some Sunlight.  I bought that chair last week for $5 at a garage sale.  I should talk about garage sales.

Photography: I am still enjoying my Canon PowerShot S120. It takes near professional quality photographs that I stopped carrying my SLR camera.  I popped the flash at low setting.  Without the flash, pictures will be too contrasty and background will be much darker.

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