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Costco Coupons - Don't Buy Crest Pro Health Mouthwash


** Don't buy Crest Pro Health Mouthwash **
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Crest Pro Health mouthwash ($2.50 off) - Don't buy these.
I bought Crest mouthwash on my last Costco shopping at full price.  Last few days, I did a lot of talking face to face with a girl.  I needed mouthwash fast, so I didn't do any research.  I just trusted because they are from Costco.  After a week, I switched my mouthwash to Dr. Katz TheraBreath Oral Rinse.  Crest Pro Health mouthwash has some horrible reviews.  I strongly suggest that you DON'T buy Crest Pro Health mouthwash.



I've used hydrogen peroxide as a mouthwash and I find it to be an inexpensive and effective means of controlling mouth odor in between brushings.

Best way: fill small Dixie cup half with hydrogen peroxide and half with water. A little goes a long way.

Use about one third of the cup as a mouthful. Swish it around inside like a regular mouthwash for about 5 seconds, gargle if you want to (but do NOT swallow!)and spit it out. Repeat twice more with the other two thirds of the cup. Rinse your mouth out twice with clear water.

After the first mouthful, you'll notice that there's a white foamy material on your tongue. That's the hydrogen peroxide reacting with the bacteria in your mouth, sending it to bacteria heaven. You'll never have the taste and sting of alcohol-based mouthwashes, not to mention the cost, and your mouth feels really, really clean.

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You know what, I've heard a lot about hydrogen peroxide. Some people swear by it, some don't.
Also, a lot of people suggest gargling with salt water.

I am not sure who to believe.

I shall give Hydrogen Peroxide a try.

Thank you for your input

By john


You don't have use any commercial mouthwash products. You might need it if you like a fresh scent in your mouth. Otherwise, if you like a simple and an effective product for fighting germs, gum diseases and cavities, try hydrogen peroxide, H3O 3%. It is very reasonable price and effective. The dentists will want to kill me if I let people know about this. I used to have gum disease. I had gone to gum sugery before. And, all of my PAST dentists suggest me for deep gum scaling every three months for many years. Finally, it hit me like a brick right in the face when I realized that Hydrogen peroxide could kill germ topically. well, for many years, everyday, I rinse a mixture of 50% H3O and 50% H2O water, even after a toothpaste brush. I miss my dentists a lot.

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Try the Kirkland mouthwash. Only downside/upside is that it's really strong and has quite a bit of alcohol burn. Even more so than Listerine. It's nice and effective though. :)

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