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Google Privacy Policy Too Scary. Switching to


Not all search engines collect your personal information like google does.  Some search engines never collect your personal information.

This is my personal message to you.

I say this to all my friends and family who I care about.  I am not getting paid for this.  I have a strong opinion on this as a web developer.

I will make it short.  If you want to know more about it, please search for it.

Google’s privacy policy is becoming too scary.  I stopped using google altogether.  When I visit Youtube, I make sure that I am not logged in as a user.  I stopped using gmail as well.

Currently I am using instead of google. has the best privacy policy I can find.   They do not collect your personal information, period.

Sooner or later you will hear about  Their popularity is skyrocketing thanks go google's new privacy policy.

How much privacy are you willing to give up?  That's the question.  It's OK to use Google if you feel OK about it.  Because they don't mean harm.

But, if you don't like the idea of google knowing everything about you until you die, use

Thank you



Like I said, google doesn't mean harm. I believe more people will benefit.

For me? I do not wish to have customized search results depends on my past search pattern. I do not want a search engine to figure me out and keep building my profile over my life-time. And God knows what the next updated privacy policy will be like.

I do not wish to have ads showing up depends on my past web search & visits. I don't want my friends, family, and coworkers to look at my computer and guess what kind of interests I have.

For example, hypothetically, if I research sexually transmitted diseases, I will now start seeing internet ads about STD. Now my coworkers will think I have STD. They now know that I think about STD a lot. If I shop for sexy underwear for my girlfriend, now I will start seeing women's underwear ads. Same with home computer. You will have friends and family asking to use your computer. And they will see STD & women's underwear ads. Etc, etc...

Some people will not understand what I'm talking about. Some people will. Anyway, I believe google is a very good company and they don't mean anything bad. There are still plenty of good services from google that we appreciate very much. I will give anything to work for Google.

Bottom line: If one search engine collects personal info. and the other one doesn't? I will use one that doesn't collect personal information.

FYI: I use fake name & address on all my supermarket club cards. When I shop at some stores, some checkout clerks ask my zip code & etc. I always tell them that I am visiting California, that I am from different country. I give you cash money. If you want me to participate in your market research, you should pay me. Then I will spill my guts at right price.

By john


You're all being a bit paranoid. Google's privacy policy essentially boils down improving your search results and having ads being shown that relate to your search history vs. ads that are not. This is direct from a memo from our Corporate IT Department in response to numerous employee inquiries. Personally, if I have to see ads, I's rather they be relevant to me, and I certain welcome better search results. No one at google cares one iota what John Doe was doing at 1:45PM on google, nor do they even have the staff to deal with individual user data - except possibly at the behest of the Feds to investigate terrorists, criminals and the like. Google is collecting data to view larger trends and enhance business decisions - period. If you are really bothered, don't log in and clear your cache each day. Nothing to be fearful of if you are engaged in legal activities.

By guest (not verified)


You are welcome.

I really wanted to spread words. This is something I believe in.

I hope you are having a good weekend.

By john


thanks for the heads up, I know Google's privacy policies were changing but I had assumed that everyone was tracking everything, so it was a "pick your poison" situation.  Thanks for the link to duckduck...I checked it out and it was really interesting, I was particuarly intersested in their link about bubbles.

By SJC Fam

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