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Costco Shopping - August 22, 2010

I was looking forward to today's Costco shopping. 
I was hoping to find black jeans & black sneakers.

I went to Costco before 5pm

I thought 1+ hour of shopping time will be enough.

But time flew.. I ended up rushing up and down the store to complete my shopping list.  I needed more time.  I didn't fully enjoy the shopping experience. Hm...

Costco Pants:

I have one complaint about Costco. Costco doesn't carry 31" waist pants.  I believe I look the best in 31 waist pants.  Costco rarely carry 31" waist pants.   They always have 30 & 32 waist sizes.  They usually skip on 31" waist.

I have several blue jeans in size 30 waist.  I can only fit into them when I am really good with diet & exercise.  I need bigger jeans.

Today, I bought a pair of Calvin Klein blue jeans in 32 inch waist.

They are too big... really big.  So I need to take these pants back.

I am a little frustrated that there are no 31 Inch waist pants in Costco.

I couldn't find black jeans & black sneakers.  I may have to go elsewhere for clothes.

Chocolate Cake:

I didn't have chocolate cake for the longest time.  I couldn't fight the urge today, so I bought one.  I plan to freeze half and enjoy it slowly.

What you don't see: Chocolate cake, 5 dozen eggs, extra sharp cheddar cheese, ravioli, cilantro lime shrimps.

I spent $124.35.  Coupon saved me $12.00
Then I put some gas in my car.

It should have been a better shopping experience.   It was just OK.
1 hour is not enough for me to enjoy shopping at Costco.
I needed more time (stupid, stupid...)




You're welcome.
And thank you for visiting.

Oh, yes, those black shirts are amazing.

I never thought about people paying attention to what I buy, and checking them out because I mentioned them.

I will keep that in mind and try to be more informative.

Have a nice day.

(I thought today was Friday...  Frown)

By john


I recently bought a package of black and a pkg. of gray Kirkland tee-shirts for my husband. He loved them. Thanks to you I even looked at them. I live very far from a Costco 100miles and 180 miles away. So when I go I'm kind of overwhelmed. I try to look at most of the items you mention that you like. I wanted to Thank you. ~Carla

By guest (not verified)


There are some strange cashiers I have encountered. I can't explain, but one issue was the coupons, something else with the cc swiping- it was fishy.

By guest (not verified)


Cutting coupon is still a gray area.

I know for fact that we are supposed to cut coupon for every item. They want to count them coupons. At least that's the official words.

But cashiers often ignore that policy.
I was told it's because Costco employees are not following the policy.

By john


I tried the other day to buy something that has a coupon, and didn't hand them the coupons and they charged me full price. So I had to go to the little kiosk behind the checkout to get my $ from the coupon. But last month, I didn't give them the coupon at first, but then gave them my coupon. But that cashier already gave me the coupon price. But I already handed her the coupon after that, and she said I couldn't get it back.

I've been buying a lot of drinks lately, juice mostly. I should just go back to my local grocery store and get them in concentrate again (for $1~). My Costco bill was high last time. I need to cut back on a lot of stuff from Costco. Could get some of them cheaper from the grocery store.

But I still want to try the Fuze Slenderize drinks before Sept. 12th.

By guest (not verified)


I didn't get Fuze Drinks.
They were too expensive for me (about $1.00 a bottle).

I don't even drink Coke too often, because I try to save.

No Fuze Drinks for me... :(


If you want to buy Fuze Drinks one more time (without the coupon) at coupon price, try this.

You go to Costco and use coupon for some other items. AND add Fuze Drinks. Chances are, they will give you coupon price on Fuze Drinks as well.

By john


Did you try the Fuze drinks yet? I haven't tried the Fuze slenderize drinks yet, but not sure if I should get 1 or the max on the coupon. What if I like it and don't have the coupon for it before the coupon ends? lol

By guest (not verified)

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