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13 Pairs of Buffalo Jeans - Low Sitting Back

One of my traits that matches Costco's business model is that I like to buy (some) items in quantity.  I enjoy shopping and I am picky.  When I find something I really like, I buy them in large quantity.

On my Sunday morning Costco shopping on November 19, I bought 3 pairs of Buffalo David Bitton Jeans. 3 pairs were all I could find in my size (30x30). 

They had excellet fit and equally excellent discout.  These jeans sang my name. They fit me better than Calvin Klein and Levi's.  They sit low on my back and they were comfortable.  So, I went online and ordered 10 more pairs (5 grays, 5 blacks).  In total, I spent $240 on 13 pairs of jeans.

My point of buying jeans in quantity is that I will no longer think about jeans for next several years.  I will not waste my time think about what to wear at work, that's why I have 40 Dylan George t-shirts. I'm a guy... nobody cares about my jeans and shirts.

If I want to look good, I will do some push-ups.

*Shoes...  shoes are my weak point.  I will tell you about that later.

Sitting low on back

I've been carrying a grievance all my life that most jeans sit so high on my back.  All my jeans are not comfortable because they sit too high (on back).  I always have a lot of extra fabric stuck on my low back.  They drive me crazy.  If I want a decent fitting jeans, I have to spend $200+ on a pair. I am not that much of a yuppie (yet).

Look below.  Levi's jeans go way up high on my back.  Do most men really like high sitting back like that?  Am I missing something here?  Look at the angle of Levi's - it climbs all the way up on my back.  It's stupid if you ask me.

Buffalo David Bitton jeans sit low on my back. They look normal, and I feel normal. They were only $18 each after savings.  To me, it would be stupid not to buy 13 pairs of these.  $240 was money well spent.

I am happy with my Costco purchase. 5 stars.

* Sorry, for best illustration I had to lift my shirt.


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