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New Citi Bank card

I just activated my new Citi Card on Monday.  I also tried to add it to my iPhone wallet for Apple Pay, a feature I use often.  I had trouble adding this card so I contacted Citi customer service.  They currently have no plans to make Apple Pay available to card holders.  Very disappointing and I let them know if that's the case, I would only be using my new Citi Visa at Costco.


Costco Forum

I had no problems adding the new Costco Visa to my Apple Pay wallet.

By Kered (not verified)

Sorry to hear that.  I never had to call customer service for any of my credit cards for last 20  years (knock on wood), so I can't say if CITI is better or worse.  I hope things will get resolved soon.

I would like to share my experience just in case...

I had my existing CITI card account.  After registering my Costco card, My old CITI card blocked me out (and asked to register again).  I had to go through registration process once again. Once I logged in, I added Costco card to my existing CITI web account.  Now I manage 2 CITI cards from 1 web access.  All done from website user interface.

By john

I can't believe someone actually got through to Citi customer service, I've been waiting on hold for an hour and still nothing....

By Ray (not verified)

Me too.  I will only use City/Costco card. 

American Express was fun...  it's been real, but she should get going.  :)

I don't know what apple pay is.  Maybe I'm missing out on something....

By john

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