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Garage Sale - April 30, 2016


I spent $2.75 today at garage sales.

After garage sales I enjoy doing a little research on-line.  I want to know more about what I bought.  And, naturally, I would like to know how much these itmes sell for.  I never sold anything I bought from garage sales, but I think I'm getting better at picking out stuff.

Vintage spice rack with 10 jars was 25 Cents (2 jars missing).  I believe this mid-century Japanese spice racks were popular back then.  It's beautiful and practical.  I will be using it all the time. I found few of these on eBay for $30-50.

6 pack of brand new Ikea steak knives was $2. I found these on eBay for $27 - $46. At the garage sale the lady had 4 boxes of these.  I actually thought about buying all 4 boses so I can sell them. 

I bought Dale Earnhardt magnet (number 3) because I like Dale Earnhardt.  He's a NASCAR legend.  I watched his last race in 2001 (he died in the crash). I paid 50 Cents for two magnets.  I was going to stick one on my refrigerator and give one to my coworker.  Then I realized these magnets are hard to find items.  I guess they don't make them any more.  On several websites, including Welmart, they were selling these for $15 or more. I will try to sell them at $10 each.


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