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Garage Sale - April 9, 2016


One lady picked up this bed sheet set and I quickly realized that I just missed something I desperately needed.  The fitted sheet I bought from Costco is worn out.  I needed a new one.

The lady asked the seller how much it was, but she asked in Spanish.  "Siete" the seller replied.   I don't speak mush Spanish, but I know siete meant seven.

She decided not to buy it and put in back.  So, I picked it up and asked the same guy how much it was, but this time in English.  "Fifteen" he replied.  I stuck to my routine and didn't show my emotion.  I said "I thought you said seven to that lady" - and he corrected himself.  Seven it was.

So, I bought 2 sets.  I washed and dressed my bed with the pink one.  It's hard to tell how they feel, because pima cotton gets softer over time as we wash them.  So far, it's not bad for Siete Dolares.



Do you mean this?

I don't think that url changes.  You should book-mark it.

Have a nice day. :)

By john


Hi - I didnt know where to ask this so asking here - does this site ever post online deals for I am an online only shopper (member but I dont ever go to the stores).


By Online Shipper (not verified)


Thank you.  Haha... maybe...

I have a complete set of faded & ugly clothes that I wear only when I go to garage sales.  I don't take shower.  I wear the same shirt I slept in the night before.  I wear white socks with black sneakers.

My friend said that, as much as I try,  I still hold my body like a professional.  My eyes are still focused.  And, I am obviously looking for antiques and jewelries.

By john


Good catch on the price! Maybe your clothes don't look poor enough;)

By Nicole (not verified)

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