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First Sign of Christmas - July 21, 2015


Look!  I found Christmas product at Costco today (July 21, 2015).
Christmas season has officially started at Costco.  We have 5+ long months to enjoy.

Sadly, I lost Christmas spririt for last 2 years.  I went through depression 2 years ago.  And I was mellow last year.  Now I feel fantastic, I flew to San Francisco and Georgia making new friends.  but I am still single.

Well, it's all good.  There's nothing to worry about.  It's Christmas time.  I am hoping for Christmas miracle.  :)

Merry Christmas~!  Thank you for keeping touch, some of you.. especially 2 years ago. :)



Oh, thank you.   Thank you very much.  I will try to write more often. 

I always have things to write about...

By john


I found your blog by accident a few years ago and now I check in pretty regularly. Your posts always bring a smile to my face. You seem like a good person, and I hope you have the merriest Christmas ever this year. Cheers!

By Paula (not verified)


Yes, I saw automn wreath also.  :)

Good times.

By john


I'm just HAPPY because autumn wreaths are at Costco now! YES! I made it to almost autumn!!! (This summer has been a long, hot, humid one! Yuck!)

By Danielle (not verified)


Haha... I hear you.  I used to feel that way.

But, I would like to be clemson's friend.  :)

By john


I am so disgusted with these marketeers advertising Xmas shopping in July! I refuse to buy anything that is advertised for Xmas before October 15th! Just can't wait to get their hands on more money. I'm sick of it!

By Sandy (not verified)


Haha, good times~!!  smiley

By john


Merry July.

By clemson90

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