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First Sign of Christmas 2014

I saw the first sign of Christmas at Costco on July 25, 2014.

I don't like getting old.  I am losing excitement on Christmas... I am tired and busy.  I just want to lay down and take a nap.

I hope I will enjoy Christmas this year.  Last Christmas was the worst time of my life (some of you remember... it's getting close to 1 year already)

God bless everyone.

I am sorry for not updating my blog.  Things are changing.  I've been busy.  I am not negative.  I am positive... I'm just busy.  Keep in touch.



I will try to post more. I would like to share more stories...

I'm so dang busy and tired... :(

Don't get old, guys.

By john


Hi, Jammies. Thank you for keeping touch.

I want to feel excited about Christmas, but I am just not feeling it this year (and last year). I would like to feel the magic again.

Last year, I hung a giant Christmas Wreath at my family room. 9 Months later, that wreath is still hanging there. That's how fast time past on me.

It's been 2 years since I moved to my new house. I still have one bedroom completely empty. I have another bedroom with a bed still standing up.

When I was poor, I had extra time. And Christmas was very special. Now I have doubled my income. I have a house... and I cannot feel the magic. There is no excitement.

Why do I work hard? Why do I make money? Maybe I need to find the way to lower my standard, go back to basic, and bring back pleasure in every little thing around me, just like before.

Maybe I need a family of my own. Maybe I need to get married.

There has been big changes in my life. I am not handling the changes. But, it's too early in the game. Maybe I can settle down and start enjoying.

All in all, I'm doing OK.

It's really nice to hear from my visitors. Your note effects me more than you know. It's very positive. Thank you very much.

By john


John, no matter what, whenever I see the Christmas decor in Costco (in July), my husband and I think of you, and what you're up to! Your excitement has helped us retain ours over the years, and I hope you can leech a little off someone else's Christmas excitement too. Aging stinks!

By Jammies


Great to see you posting again! Will be fun to see what you find in the Christmas section!

By guest (not verified)

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