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Garage Sale Find - Antique Teak Dresser


I heard a lot of people talking in the past about finding great antique furniture at garage sale.  I never knew this would happen to me. 

I never go to garage sale.  It's not my thing.  I never see anything good.

Today, Saturday morning, my friend and I left my house for local farmers market.  Then we saw a garage sale 3 houses down from my house.  My friend loves garage sale, so I had to stop by to be polite.

Then I saw this dresser.  It was faded and didn't look fresh.  It was huge, well over 6 feet wide.  I thought it was made out of some cheap composite wood. My friend told me she can make this dresser look new in 20 minutes and I should buy it. She said something about craftsmanship and dovetail joints... boring stuff.. ZZzzz....

I paid $60 for the dresser.  2 guys took the dresser to my house at no charge.  I thought it was a good deal... it was like getting a free dresser for price of a cheap delivery. It turned out to be a solid wood furniture.

After the farmers market, we dropped by at Home Depot and bought some teak oil.

And, check this out (picture).  This is the dresser after she spent 20 minutes on it.  Sorry, there is no before picture.

Then my friend begged me "Can you please search antique solid wood teak dresser?"

That's when I realized dressers like this easily go for $1000+ (usually more, sometimes less)

This is exciting.  I am born again.  I have seen the light.  I love garage sale.

PS. Later my friend explained that I don't see anything good at garage sales, because I go there too late.  That made sense.

Teak Dresser



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