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Costco Tote Bag, shopping bag

Costco tote bags are must have item.  If you don't own them, you are missing out.  I mean, you are missing out big time.

They sell three bags for less than $5.00.  It's roughly $1.50/bag.

At first, I thought Costco's tote bags were supposed to be free for the members.  But if you really think about it $1.50 for a bag is a steal.

Costco Tote Back, shopping
Costco Tote-Bag. Simple design with hand straps and shoulder straps

Refer to above image.  Those three bags contain following items (carrots (10lb), potato (10lb), large watermelon, lemon (5lb), beef jerky (x2), cereal, bread (x2), shampoo, vitamins (x2), yogurt (18pk), tuna (16pk)

With Costco tote bags, a fit person can carry all those items in one trip (I did).  Try doing this with any other shopping bags or boxes from Costco.  It's impossible to carry all that with conventional methods.  It's well worth of investing a few Dollars on these bags.  If you live in an apartment this is a must.

I bring these bags to Costco when I shop, so the cashiers would put items in the bag.

Show this bag to your family and friends, I guarantee they would like to have some too.  I've already given them out.  I had to buy some more.
Below is why I like Costco tote bags.

  • Convenient 
  • Save time
  • Help saving environment
  • Less trash piling at home
  • Of course, they can be used to carry items from different stores

OK? - Buy some




Haha. Finally. It was painful (waiting)
I hope you buy more than just one pack

By john


They are now carrying the bags in Oregon again!

By guest (not verified)


I love these bags.  They hold so much and are so comfortable to carry.  I called the corporate office and was told they don't have them in the system any longer.

The rule of thumb with Costco is, if enough people inquire about a product by filling out one of the guest forms at the store, then they will bring that product back.  So we should pass the word to as many people as possible and ask everyone to fill out a product request form to bring them back.
Personally, I don't feel like they did enough marketing on the bags because if these bags were on display at the store, more people would have purchased them. My store kept them packaged, but not displayed. A good place to display them would be near the cash registers where everyone is checking out.  They could hsve sold a lot of bags that way.
I could kick myself as I accidentally left one of those bags out of state a few months ago.  I wish I could find a place online to buy more of them.
By Costco-holic (not verified)


I wanted that bag too, and the I want the apple "Better Bag" bag from Whole Foods, but they haven't sold them for a few years now.

By guest (not verified)


I'm furious because I also love these bags and my Costco has recently DISCONTINUED them.

By guest (not verified)

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