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Al Pastor Salad at Costco Food Court

Check this out - Al Pastor Salad at Costco food court.  I shall try this next time.  Let me know if you tried it before.  Did you like it?

It's $4.99.  The sign says...

  • Plant based protein (soy)
  • Chopped romaine
  • Black beans and fresh vegetables
  • Banh mi vegetables and dressing
  • 330 - 750 cal.

This salad sounds little too "city" to me.  Vegetarian, yoga, poetry reading, movies with subtitles, Prius driver...  Oh, That's me.  :)

Happy new year!



Our location still has the polish dog AND the new al pastor salad!

By Rose (not verified)


Very delicious and tasty , with a bit of spicy kick to it . And it’s healthy! Hope Costco keeps this item Co it’s way better than the Caesar dressing.

By guest (not verified)



ah- hahaha.  Now I must try it. 


By john


The salad tasted great, but you pay for it later with bad gas!!! Too much plant-based goodness for my GI to handle. Wife is now banning me from eating it again!

By haizman (not verified)


Oh, good.. Thank you for letting us know. 

Now I gots to try it.

By john


Just had the Al Pastor salad at Costco in Paradise Valley. It was really delicious. It is healthy and nothing had to die, since its high quality soy protein.

By Karl (not verified)


WHAT ???????

It can be regional thing.  I know different locations carry different menu. I will check and let you know if my locations stopped carrying Polish as well.

Oh boy...

By john


They replaced the Polish dog with this....why oh why would you do such a thing. On principle alone this is a crime.

By WhyOWhy (not verified)


Ahhh~~ *  Thank you for letting us know, Toa.  Now I am excited.

Yes, it's the dressing that adds huge amount of calories.  I do exactly what you do.  I use half of dressing (in case of chicken Caesar salad).

Have a nice day, Toa. Talk to you soon.

By john


Just had it. It’s really delicious. You can’t even tell it’s soy. I’m not the type you described- I love my meat! But it’s really flavorful and MUCH better than the Cesar salad. The dressing is a whopping 420 calories, however. I used half and it was enough for me. Highly recommend.

By Toa (not verified)

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