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Costco - Mikasa Whitehall 20 Piece Dinnerware Set

I finally found China set I like at Costco.

I've been looking for a dinnerware set for 10-15 years.   I used to complain that nobody seemed to be selling normal looking dinnerwares anymore.  All the plates I see at the stores have weird shapes or they have stupid drawings.  If I find good looking white plates, they tend to be expensive.

I finally found plain white dinnerware set at Costco.  They were only $39.99.

I've been using cheap dinnerware that was given to me from various people.  I was never happy with my plates and bowls, but I had no choice because I couldn't find china I like.

I love my Mikasa's Whitehall 20 piece dinnerware set.  I am still thinking about buying one more set as a backup (or if I marry somebody with 3 kids).   They are just right for me.  They are practical, plain (not artistic or snotty), and cheap.

Update:  I am really happy with these china set.   They even feel good in my hands when I do the dishes.  It a pleasure.... only $39.99. It's ridiculous.  I am loving them.  I wish I can find a Costco version of female for my wife. I don't even know what that means, but it sounds cool.

I took this picture 1 day earlier.  I came home from Costco shopping and looked at the picture again. And I decided to go back to Costco next day to make a purchase.

I've been using these for 10+ years. You see all kinds of different plates and bowls that don't match.  Also they look cheap.

Costco's Mikasa Whitehall 20 Piece Dinnerware Set
They seem to make my cupboard looks more complete and practical. I feel more settled down with these china.  I feel more satisfied in the kitchen.

PS. You see Homer Simpson coffee mug?  That's my work day coffee mug.  I only use it at work.  It's put away in the cupboard.  That means I took that picture during the weekend.  On weekend I use Sunday coffee mug. 

I shall do a story on my coffee mugs.  I use different coffee mugs for work, home, weekend, driving, tea, hot cocoa, Christmas season, and photography.


Ahh you remembered me -- bought a smile to my face =] yeah i've been uber busy much like you but I still sneak in some downtime to check out your site -- always informative and it's such a relaxed blog. 
lol @ owning the same china set -- good tastes in dishes (and money) i spose hah
my parents currently own a home and i help out with their daily chores when I'm around -- and you're right there is a huge difference between owning a home and renting an apartment when it comes to responsibilities -- i have commitment issues at this point so wont be owning a home for a long time lol
good luck john!
By Jagar


hi, thank you. :)

By john


Great choice!  I love your Homer mug! Enjoy your new dinnerware!

By SJC Fam


Hey you. long time.

I hope you'll find them at your Costco. Then we'll be using same china. How cool is that? :)

Seriously, I like them dinnerware set. They are really good.

Good for you. Having your own apartment is the best. I don't think I will be this relaxed if I own a house, especially if I have to rent out a room (or two). Right now I don't worry about maintenance, mowing lawn, hot water, dealing with people, and so on. Good times.

By john


Nice -- i just got myself an apartment -- i might stop by costco to see if they have some of those in my store! ps im looking forward to the coffee mug story!

By Jagar


Good buy! Especially with the little asterisk in the corner meaning . . . once it's gone, it's gone! (If I remember correctly)

By guest (not verified)

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