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After 2 years, got 3 bags of butterscotch toffee coffee



I've been waiting over 2 years for Jose's Coffee sales team to make a round at my Costco. 

About 2 years ago, I bought a bag of Butterscotch Toffee flavored Coffee when there was a special coffee booth at Costco.  I normally do not tolerate flavored coffee.  I believe coffee should taste like coffee, not like candy.

Butterscotch Toffee Coffee from Costco
Jose's Butterscotch Toffee Coffee from Costco, and Syrups

But this particular coffee tasted like Christmas.  It's quite enjoyable and cozy.  So I bought a bag.  Then I finished the bag pretty fast.  Since then I've been looking for Jose's Butterscotch Toffee Coffee.  But I couldn't find it anywhere. 

For last 2 years, every-time I go to Costco, I would check coffee aisle very carefully for butterscotch toffee coffee. 

Finally, today, I saw Jose's Coffee booth at my Costco.  This time I asked a few questions to find out more.  They normally make round to our Costco about twice a year.  I must have missed them last two years.  They also have a mailing list that I can mail-order the coffee.  I also found out that their coffee products are Costco exclusive.

Anyway, I bought three bags of butterscotch toffee coffee and two bottles of syrups.  I spent roughly $50.00.  $50.00 seems like a lot of money for coffee.  But, considering a cup of coffee is over $2.00 at any coffee shops.. I am actually saving a lot of money this way.  I bet I spend a lot less in coffee than most people.

I can't wait to enjoy Butterscotch Toffee coffee with Caramel Syrup.

Costco spoils me.  This is the point.  I spend less money, but I enjoy exclusive, high quality products.  It's a good thing.

Joses Gourmet Coffee

jose coffee

Posted By john

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Shopping at Costco - June 26, 2008



It was a quick shopping trip.  I spent 41 minutes in there, in and out. Total bill was $145.55

Interesting new item was Arizona Iced green tea mix at $5.79.  It's a new item.  I have a feeling I will love this tea mix.

So far, I bought about 12 of these short sleeves shirts (some at $15, some at $10.  There are different brands).  You can't go wrong with these shirts.  They look proper to wear at work.  They are very comfortable that I wear them when I play or visit my mother's house.

Wings of fire is my special treat.  I always fight my urge to buy Wings of Fire whenever I go to Costco.  I only buy them as a special treat about 2-3 times a year.  If I can, I would buy them about 10 times a year.

Posted By john

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Heart Rate Monitoring



I just bought a heart rate monitor.

I wore it when I went to Costco today. This is so much fun.

Below graph shows that I spent 41 minutes at Costco and walked .7 miles...  I'm trying to find the way to show how much calories I burned.

As you can see, I am a cool customer at average heart rate of 78bpm (I don't know if that's good or bad). 

costco heart rate

Posted By john

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Heart Rate Monitor



I wanted to replace my old Heart Rate monitor with a newer model.  My current heart rate monitor is pretty old.  It's not fun anymore.  I wanted to have more functions with more accuracy, so I would better understand my physical fitness and well being.

Polar RS400sd - one that Costco doesn't carry

I really wanted buy a new heart rate monitor from Costco.  In fact Costco does carry a good heart rate monitor, but it's missing some minor features that I was looking for.

So I had to turn to Ebay for this major purchase.  I bought Polar RS400sd package.  It comes with a foot pod to calculate distant.  I can transfer data to home computer so I can keep record.

I understand Costco doesn't carry everything in the world.  So, we must make purchases at somewhere else.  But it's all good.

Sorry Costco.

Posted By john

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Shopping - June 16, 2008



Just another day at Costco, nothing special for today's Costco blog.

5 dozen eggs were $7.39

There was $15.00 instant rebate on Sonicare brush (from $124.99).  I was very lucky because my old brush recently died.  My old brush was good for me for 5-7 years.  Sonicare tooth-brushes are very good.  If you don't have them, you are missing out something fantastic.

Costco Blog

Posted By john

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Vons with club card at 10:46pm



I had a very light dinner tonight (Salmon & Vegetable, all from Costco).  By 10PM, I was craving all kinds of food.  I wanted some meat and desert.  So I headed out to Vons around 10:30PM

Vons Receipt
Check it out.  Spent $23.63, saved $28.37
55% savings

On the way to Vons, I dropped by a Mobil station.  I topped off my gas tank with $30.00 worth of gas.  Cheapest gas is now $4.49/Gallon

Vons had ribeye steak for $3.99/lb.  Ribeye, New York, and T bone steak  occasionally sell for $3.99/lb.  This is when I stock up with good meat.  I found the smallest value pack for $15.52 (5 pack).  You can't find this kind of deal at Costco.  Not even close.

I also purchased a pack of Lucerne chocolate ice cream for $2.99.  I would never buy a pack of ice cream at a normal price at $5~$6 each.  Ice creams are bad for you to begin with.

I felt guilty about buying all the bad food, so I picked up some fruits.

I had a nice medium-rare ribeye steak close to midnight.  It was a fantastic meal for only $3.10.  Chocolate ice cream coming up.

Vons Ribeye Steak Sale

Posted By john

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My typical breakfast



This is my typical breakfast.

All food items are from Costco - Multigrain bread, Kirkland Signature ham, American cheese, and some Olives.

The container that holds olives are also from Costco.

Costco Breakfast Sandwich

Posted By john

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Seemingly Expensive Shopping Today, But...



Hi everyone.  Here's today's Costco Blog. 

I didn't expect to spend more than $100.00 today. I ended up spending $125.11. 

I think I need to be more picky about what I buy.  Price of lemon was up about 2 dollars (I think).  The olive oil did the damage at $24.49.  I guess I could have bought regular milk instead of organic soy milk.  I don't really need olives also.  I just like the taste now and then. I could have bought potatoes from local produce market at half the price.

(continues below)

Costco Shopping

But, most of my purchases are justifiable.

  1. I refuse to visit multiple number of stores just to save a few dollars.  I make x amount of money.  I cannot waste too much time when I can invest that time in my money making projects.
  2. I drink little milk.  They say milk will give me cancer (men's prostate cancer).  It makes sense for me to buy vacuum packed soy milk and open each one as I go.  They have a long storage life, like 1 year.
  3. Costco's olive oil is very good. And I will buy next jug of olive oil in next century (literally).  At this state of my life, I make enough money to avoid cheaper oils such as Wesson.
    • I am not saying I'm rich.  I have a different set of priority.  For example, my living-room TV is 9 inch.  I would rather NOT buy plasma TV and put quality food in my stomach.
  4. Fruits, Vegetable, Bread - they are good food at good price. No problem there.
  5. Queen Olives - Guilty. Perhaps I am better off without them.

Lastly, none of the items will go to waste.  I will make sure to enjoy everything I bought today.  To me, Costco is still the way to go.  Everything I bought was a quality food item. 

But, I need to control myself when I'm shopping at Costco. Embarassed

Posted By john

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You don't compare Costco with a dollar store!



Whenever I see people talking about Costco, there are always people saying "I get similar items at dollar stores" or "I get better price at 99 Cents only stores".

I don't understand what these people are thinking.  You simply cannot Compare Costco with dollar stores.

Obviously these people never used Kirkland Signature products.  They don't know about higher level of life-style we are enjoying because of Costco.

Costco elevates my life-style.  It makes me to enjoy items that only rich people can afford.  I buy jumbo shrimps, imported beers, and organic soy milk, and much more.  I would never afford those items if there was no Costco.

Dollar store's fruits and vegetables are not usable.  I feel sorry that some people must eat those to save money.  Fruits and Vegetables from Costco are far superior in quality compared to any supermarket products.  

I shop at 99 Cents only stores frequently.  I like 99 Cents only stores too.  I buy instant noodles, candies, and miscellaneous items from 99 Cents only stores.  But 99 Cents store will not replace Costco.

You don't compare Costco with Dollar stores.  Some people have no idea what they are missing out. 

Posted By john

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All out with a coupon book



I didn't go to Costco for about 1 month.  My refrigerator was almost empty.  Then the new coupon book came out.  The coupon book featured all kinds of staple items.  It was my chance to stock up.  I knew it was going to be painful to my wallet.  I thought, I might as well enjoy.

The coupons saved me $38.25
Costco Coupons
Costco Coupons

Costco Shopping Cart
Shopping Cart - Costco

costco items

Costco Receipt

Posted By john

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