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Costco In News - August 2017

Costco Adds Gift Registry To Its Customer Services To Gain Sales And Loyalty

August 7, 2017

Costco has added a new service by adding a Gift Registry for many occasions. The company has partnered with My so that a bride or an expectant mother can list all items she wants at one universal gift registry



Costco has opened a new store in North Hollywood, but it’s not what you’re used to

August 9, 2017

A new 137,000-square-foot Costco Business Center opened its doors Wednesday in North Hollywood, catering to convenience stores, restaurants and small offices.



Costco names chairman to replace late co-founder Jeff Brotman

August 11, 2017

Hamilton "Tony" James is president and chief operating officer of investment firm Blackstone. He's been a Costco director since August 1988 and was the board's lead independent director before his appointment to chairman.


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First Sign of Christmas at Costco

I enjoy looking for the first sign of Christmas at Costco. Holiday season is crazy good time.  It's only natural for me to look for it.  It usually starts with these ribbons. The ribbons came back this year as usual.  These ribbons don't scream Christmas~!.  But they will do.

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Costco's co-founder and chairman dies

Costco co-founder and chairman Jeff Brotman has died, according to the company. He was 74-years-old.

Read more from CNN Money

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Costco Shopping - August, 3 2017

Today was the first day of August Costco Coupon cycle, so I bought a few items.  It was just a quick in and out shopping.

I don't know if Focus Factor really works.  At this point, I am afraid to get off of Focus Factor to see if my work performance will suffer. I do computer work at a large company.  One error, one click can cost me hours of trouble shooting time.  Focus is very important for my job.  I have a coworker who often spends hours trying to troubleshoot his own work.  The guy never learns.  But, I will not tell him about Focus Factor.  "Hey, dude, take these, so you don't suck so bad"...

I don't remember seeing Costco Nut Bars in the past.  They are Kirkland Signature products, so you know they are good. They are not chewy like some other fancy bars.  But I like these Nut Bars.  They are tasty.  $16.89 for 30 bars is a really good price.  There was no coupon for these Nut Bars. But it was a special price.  Either these are temporary items (they will sell out) or they will raise the price next round. $16.89 is a good buy.  I may buy one more.

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Costco Coupons: August 3 - 27 2017

Click below link to view coupons. Thanks to Adamcos

Costco Coupons August 2017

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I have no problem trashing 40% of my strawberries

(grumpy old man)

I rarely buy fruits and vegetables at Costco.  There are few exceptions, but generally speaking, it's not logical for a single person living alone to buy fruits and vegetables in Costco size.  27% of all Americans live alone, that's 88 million people living alone in the US.

Then I saw this video promoting us to save food. 40% of food in America is going to waste, it says.  The video shows strawberries being spoiled and getting dumped to a trash can.

As a single person living alone, this promotional video rubs me in the wrong way.

  1. First of all, it sucks that we trash 40% of our food.  I will try harder not to waste food That's given. but...
  2. I can't help but wondring that.. if they know 40% of strawberries are going to waste, why don't they sell strawberries in containers that are 40% smaller? how about any other produce items? Why don't they package them in smaller containers?  possibly in paper containers (bags).
  3. I'm pretty sure that a team of experts decided what sizes strawberry containers should be.  And they knew 40% of strawberries will go to waste.  So, fate was decided by corporations and regulations, not us who cannot eat the whole thing.
  4. I will not put a pacifier on a gallon jug of milk and complain that babies don't finish their milk.  No promotional video will change the outcome.
  5. If I want strawberries I will buy strawberries, but I will not force-feed myself.  I will not force myself to eat strawberries day after day after day... until I finish entire package.  Even if I buy smallest package, some of the strawberries are likely to go to waste.  And I have absolutely no problem with that.
  6. In short, if they really care about food going to waste, they should make the packages smaller. They do it with blueberries.  So, why not with strawberries?  There are 88 million of us living alone in the United States.  Some of us are tiny old people.  We will not apologize for NOT having large stomach.

Thank you.

Posted By john

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Maury Splits

It's almost Christmas time at Costco.

Today I went to Costco and looked everywhere for the first sign of Christmas.  But, I couldn't find any.  So I drank a sample cup of Vitamix juice and went back to work.  I will look again next week.

Maury Splits

I still record Maury show and watch them after work.  I love Maury Show so much that, last year, I traveled 3000 miles to Stamford Connecticut to attend Maury Show.  Here's my blog about the trip on December 2016

On Maury Show, there is a special move - we call it "Maury Splits".  Sometimes, when female guests want to express her feelings, they may do splits on stage.  For example, one might say "I am so positive you are the father, I will do the splits."  Then she would proceed to spread her legs on live stage.  If you think about it, it makes a perfect sense.  She must feel very positive about what she's saying in order for her to do splits on stage.  So, we tend to give her more credit for it.  Maury Splits is a powerful tool to persuade audience.

You don't always see the splits on Maury Show, it's a special treat.

You may do Maury Splits when you are happy.  You may do Maury Splits when you are frustrated.  You may do Maury Splits when you want to prove your innocence.  Maury Splits is a versatile body language, kind of like the word "Aloha"  - except for spreading of legs.

Maury Splits is fun, rare, and special.  Check it out.

Talk to you later.  Aloha!

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Leftover turkey from Thanksgiving 2016

Because I live alone, I have to vacuum pack and freeze most of my turkey meat on Thanksgiving night.  I vacuum pack them as soon as possible.

I thawed the meat yesterday (July 25, 2017) and took a short time to fix this dish.  It was amazing good.

Turkey from last year


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Music Choice Killed Classic Christmas

(Grumpy old man)

I love Christmas.  Christmas is coming to Costco in about 3 weeks.

Music is very important for us Christmas lovers.  Along with decorations and smell of pumpkin spice, music is the element that will hold Christmas together.  I like classic Christmas tunes that will make me feel happy and sentimental.  Classic Christmas music takes me back in time.  I own 70+ Christmas CD's.  I bought my first Christmas CD from BMG CD Club 20-30 years ago. Remember BMG? Columbia House?  I used to buy records from them. Good times.

Every Christmas season I tune my cable TV channel to Sound of the Seasons, a part of Music Choice channel line-up.  They play commercial free Christmas tunes.  I enjoyed that channel every year.  Then something happened.

They started to play Christmas songs by young artists such as Brittany Spears, One Direction, In Sync...    Then last year, they rarely played classic tunes, but most of the songs they played were teeny bopper, hip hop Christmas tunes, some songs with deep heavy bass - as if I'm at Run DMC concert.


So, I stopped listening to that God awful channel.

Look at this abomination. Britney Spears is a beautiful and talented young lady.  But, that's not christmas.

But wait...

Currently, Music Choice is playing Christmas in July playlist.  But, this time, they are playing a lot of good old Christmas tunes.  They rarely play teeny bopper Christmas songs.  If they play new tunes by young artists, I actually like them.  Something has changed.  I wish they keep that up in November & December.  I am enjoying this channel again.

For example, they played this song below.  She's Jane Monheit. She's young, but I like her.  The song was released in 2007 when she was in her late 20's (?).  I like her version just as I like Kay Starr's.

To sum up - Christmas music should sound like Christmas.  Christmas music should NOT make me feel like I'm in the middle of break dance battle.  Don't drop the bass on yule log.


Posted By john

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Rubbermaid FreshWorks Produce Saver - Costco Shopping July 7, 2017

I wrote about keeping Costco spinach fresh , December last year (2016).  I put 3 sheets of paper towel on the bottom of food containers hoping that will keep Costco spinach fresh.

Today, I found this containers, yet another Rubbermaid product, that may change my life.  It's FreshWorks Produce Saver by Rubbermaid .  Each container comes with a crisp tray (sits at the bottom) and ventilation system. They will keep produce fresh up to 80% longer, it claims.  These Rubbermaid containers are doing what I've been trying to do but better.  I am excited to try them out.  I have a high hope.  I just found out about these, thanks to Costco.  I wonder how long they've been available.

Rubbermaid FreshWorks Produce Saver

Note: 3 days later, on July 10th, I went back to Costco to buy one more set of containers.  But, this time, there was no more $6 discount.

Buy from Costco:

Costco is currently selling set of 3 containers for $13.99 after $6.00 coupon.  The set contains 1 large container and 2 small containers. 

Price comparison:

  • eBay - one medium size container is about $10
  • Walmart - one medium size container is about $8
  • Amazon - 2 piece set containing 1 small and 1 large containers is $19.99 (you must spend $25 to qualify for free shipping)
  • Bed Bath & Beyond - One large container is $14.99 - with a $5 coupon, it's $10.00
  • 3 piece set, exactly as Costco (1 large, 2 small) can be found at $30+ elsewhere.

You can go on and on... and on and on... searching for better price so you can save $1.  Or you can just buy from Costco and enjoy your free time.  Because, chances are, you cannot find better price than Costco. 

Below is rest of my Costco shopping (July 7, 2017)

Coupon saved $20.70.  Dog treats are for my friend's birthday.  I don't have a pet of my own.  But I can make any cat purr (guaranteed).  Also dogs love me.  Children like me, I used to teach long~~ time ago (25 years ago?).  Senior citizens love me also.   Basically, everyone loves me except girls...

I bought a package of hanging hooks... wait until Christmas, you may see why I bought them.  Yes, I am planning for Christmas.

I bought a rotisserie chicken because they are yum.

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