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Costco Shopping - March 10, 2009 - $100.32


* Today's Costco shopping: 11th time this year, 1st time this month 

Today, I went to Costco on my lunch time. It took me exactly 1 hour and 2 minutes to go to Costco, shop, get gas, and come back to work.

I am beginning to like lunch time shopping.  It gives me luxury of free time after work. 

I think I'm going to do laundry on lunch time as well.  Of course, I cannot do laundry in 1 hour.  So, I'll have to take 90 minutes lunch.  I'm gonna try that tomorrow.

I bought 2 more short sleeves shirts.  I have about a dozen of these shirts now.  I love them.

I am loving that Stir Fry Vegetables.

Anyway, I spent $100.32.  (Shopping $74.83, gas $25.49)

Costco Shopping

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Costco Coupons - March 16 - April 5 2009


I got Costco Coupons (book) today. Check your mail box

There is a coupon for Tires - $70.00 for Michelin

Costco Coupons

Beach towels are on sale - that's a sign of Summer.

I am planning to use coupons on; Beef jerky, Starbucks Coffee, and Vitamin E.

Costco Coupons are valid from March 16 (Next week)
But I need to go tomorrow.

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Time Magazine Cover


I went to see my parents in the Valley.

My father reads Time magazine.

Look at the cover... Laughing

Costco Picture

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Westlake Village Costco


* Today's Costco shopping: 11th time this year, 1st time this month

I was looking for The Chocolates of the World and the new Kirkland Signature's Primium Nissin Cup Noodles (not to be confused with regular Cup Noodles they usually sell).  But I couldn't find any. Frown

So I ate a hot-dog and came back home. 


Costco in Westlake Village, CA

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Costco Shopper Booted After 14th Free Cracker


Here is a funny & interesting story.

Costco management took the unprecedented step of removing a shopper from its Oakland, California store for abusing its free sample program. Bill Wentworth of San Jose, CA was forcibly ushered to the exit after management spotted him eating a 14th lobster dip cracker.
Wentworth utilized crude props to dupe unsuspecting Costco workers, such as fake beards, mirrored sunglasses, and wheelchairs. He also spoke to workers using fake foreign accents....

The story doesn't stop there.
More embarrassing story continues at  GlossyNews Article

* How do they know he had 14 crackers, not 13 or 15?  Does that mean Costco is actively watching free sample tables?

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Costco Shopping - February 28, under $100 again


* Today's Costco shopping: 10th time this year, 4th time this month

Again, I managed to keep it under $100.00.

This is the second time I'm buying Wings of Fire & M&M in one month.  I am going crazy on these bad food.  This is not good.  I should make them last more than 2 month.

My last jumbo shrimps lasted me almost 5 months.  They are special treat.  Sometimes I chop them up in pasta.

My craving for chocolate is not going away. I need to watch my chocolate intake.  My waist is definitely wider than 6 months ago.  I know I will lose the size.  Losing size is very difficult, but I just do it anyway.  It's either working hard to move up or stay at the bottom.  That's life.

Anyway, I spent under $100.00

Get this - I spent only $25.00 on Gas in February.  And my gas tank is almost full right now.

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Online Instant Savings: April 2 - April 22


Check your mail box.  Check online.


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Power Outage


We had 2 planned power outages scheduled.  Tonight was the first planned power outage.  Next power outage is coming up next Sunday.

Power was shut off Sunday night 10:30pm and came back on 7am Monday morning.

Ideally I should have gone to sleep during that hours.  But I was wide awake until 2am.  So I set on my bed and read a book.

The whole world was dark and quiet.

I was chilling on my Costco mattress, between Costco sheets, and under the Costco comforter.  The light was from Costco as well.

Costco Light, bed

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Costco Shopping - February 19, 2009, under $100.00


* Today's Costco shopping: 9th time this year, 3nd time this month

I just bought normal stuff.  I didn't get anything special.  I arrived at Costco around 8:10pm, so I didn't have much time to relax in there.  There was absolutely no line at the gas pump.  I like coming to Costco late at this hour.  It messes up my dinner schedule, but it's OK.

After hot dog and gas, I still spent less than $100.00. Ha...

Cashew chicken & beef ribs will be my weekend treat. 

Check out that wicked huge bag of toilet papers.  It's a thousand wipes in one. 

Costco Shopping

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Received Costco / American Express Rebate Check


* Related Story: 2010: Costco American Express - $170.63 Rebate

I've been using Costco's American Express card for 6 months now.  In 6 months, I spent $2,868.97.  I don't normally spend this much money at Costco.  I bought a bed & tires, that's why...

Anyway, I received a rebate check of $36.20 along with my monthly statement. 

This encourages me to use my Costco/American Express card more often.  Of course, I will pay off my credit card in full amount every month.  I have absolutely no credit card debt. 

*** Chit Chat ****

I've used my Costco/American Express card for only 6 months because my original card was lost for first 6 months.  I called Costco 6 months ago to see what was going on with my Costco credit card application.  It turned out that they sent the credit card to my old address (Same apartment complex, same building).  So I know exactly who received my Costco/American Express card by mistake. 

I cannot believe she didn't relay the mail to me.  I bet she opened my mail, and tried to use it a few times.  She's a poor lady.  And I no longer feel sorry that she's poor.  Now I know she has a lower mental standard, so she's naturally poor. 

If you want to be rich and enjoy higher standard of living, you must behave according to it.  I try to be nice to everyone (even to my sub-standard neighbors).

My neighbors disappoint me..  it was not too long ago that another one of my neighbors didn't bother to tell me about my flat tire.

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