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Costco Coupons - May 11 - May 31, 2009


It's here~~

Thank God I don't see much to buy this time.

Costco Coupon Book

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I finally hooked up this website to Twitter

Twitter will get updated whenever I post something.

Let's see if it really works.

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Costco Shopping - April 19, 2009


* Today's Costco shopping: 16th time this year, 3rd time this month

I had a meeting with a customer. I drove by Simi Valley Costco, so...  I had to drop by to see what they have.  Different Costco stores have different items in stock.  If you go to a Costco in rich neighborhood, you will find more fancier & expensive items.  Maybe I'm wrong about that theory, but that's what I believe.  Different Costco carries different items.

Back to shopping:

Mm.. yes, I bought another pair of Adidas running shoes from Costco. But, these are running shoes.  Oxnard Costco didn't have these.  I needed those shoes to replace my 5 years old gym shoes. I swear, my existing gym shoes are pretty beat up. 

They were only $28.99/pair. They are very light and designed for running.  With these shoes, I will workout every day and live forever.  It would be stupid not to buy at this price. Embarassed

That's it. I'm done with sneakers.

I spent $43.45 at Simi Valley Costco.

adidas running shoes costco

Costco's Adidas running shoes

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Costco Shopping - April 14, 2009


* Today's Costco shopping: 15th time this year, 2nd time this month

Ah~~  So busy.  Last night to work on my tax.

First of all, I got my tire fixed.

I bought a pair of Adidas.  I couldn't resist at the price tag of $29.99. It was the first time seeing Adidas at Costco.  What's the chance?  I was thinking about buying a pair of Adidas so I can get back to my co-worker. Here are my stories on sneakers.

I bought a swimming trunk. You see, I never get out.  I didn't swim in last 10 years or so.  I do think about taking vacations here and there..  mm.. we'll see.

I have money and time for vacation.  I have 4 weeks of vacation time backed up.  My accounting lady's been telling me to take vacation for over 1 year now.  The thing is that I don't need vacation.  I am pretty relaxed and happy at work.  There is no stress.  If I meet right kind of friend I shall enjoy traveling.  But, for now, alone... I'm happy without vacation.

I have a full box of Honey Bunches of Oats Cereal.  I really like HBO, but I thought it would be better if I mix it with Costco's Raisin Bran.

Kirkland Signature's AAA batteries are the best.  I brought a $2.00 off coupon for Duracell batteries, but Kirkland Signature's batteries were a lot better deal without coupon.

I spent $120.00.  I saved $18.00 with coupons. Then I put 12.65 Gallons of gas for $27.82 ($2.199/g)

Costco Shopping

Costco Cereals
50/50 mix of Honey Bunches of Oats & Kirkland Signature Organin Raisin Bran with Soy Milk.  This is my favorite combination so far.

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Costco Shopping - April 10, 2009


* Today's Costco shopping: 14th time this year, 1st time this month

Nothing Special today.

I have a long Costco shopping list for next week (with the coupons).  Today, I just needed some basic stuff fast.

I bought 3 more shirts ($45.00).  I just need a few more shirts and I'll be satisfied.  I need a few more pairs of dark pants.

I spent less than $100.00 ($91.14).

Costco Chicken:
I love Costco chicken. But, when you live alone, you are the only person eating that bird.  That means I will be eating nothing but Costco chicken for next 2-3 days.  I am not sure if I can finish the whole thing this time.  

Below is a reshoot of the shirts under better light, with correct color balance

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Costco Easter Weekend Business Hours


Good Friday - Normal business hours
Saturday - Normal business hours
Sunday - Closed

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Costco Coupons - April 13 - May 3, 2009


Check your mailbox.  I hope you got these as well.

Oh boy... I see a lot of things to buy.  I may have to spend a lot of money next week.

My shopping list from this coupon:

  • Candies (I am debating which one to get)
  • Trash bags
  • Ritz crackers
  • Hebrew National Kosher Beef Franks
  • Orange chicken
  • Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers Variety Pack
  • Valley Fine Foods Pasta Prima Chicken & Mozzarella Ravioli
  • Apache 3'x5' Commercial Grade Scraper Mat
  • Kirkland Signature Chicken Alfredo with Penne Pasta
  • Vitamin B-12 (Good timing - I was running out of them) 

* I am looking at this tiny Olympus Camera (FE-370) for $99.99 after $30.00 off.  I should not buy this camera, but it's very tempting.  The camera is very cute.

Costco Coupons


costco online savings

Costco Online Instant Saving Book

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1 1/2 Slices of Bread For Breakfast


I eat 1 1/2 slices of bread for breakfast.

1 slice is too little.  2 slices are too much.

So, I make sandwich with 1.5 slices of bread & 3 slices of ham.
When I told my friends about it, they seemed puzzled about how I manage to distribute & stack 1.5 pieces of bread in one sandwich.

It's very simple.  Check it out.

Breakfast Sandwich

Bread and Ham from Costco, of course

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ILoveCostco - Twittered


Hey, check this out.

Somebody twittered - hehe... cool site..

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Costco Shopping - March 28, 2009


* Today's Costco shopping: 13th time this year, 3nd time this month

I spent less than $70.00 today.

I have a cold, so I bought some chicken soups and medication.

(I am too busy to keep up with my Costco blog...)

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