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Online Only Offers 7/26/10 - 8/15/10


I hope you got this too.

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2 more months for Christmas time at Costco


Last year I saw the first sign of Christmas at Costco on August 20th.

3 years ago, I saw the first sign of Christmas (at Costco) on July 31st.

So... we shall see Christmas stuff at Costco in about 2 months.

Get ready...

Most of us have less money this year (I am so poor), but let's try to have fun.

Most of all. don't get sick.  Good health is the best gift.

God bless.

Christmas Don't Be Late~!

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Costco gave me (back) $50


Hello there!  I just got back from Costco.  Unfortunately my car broke down in the parking lot, but that is another story.  


Allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Alan, and I am from Seattle.  The main two Costcos I shop at are the 4th Ave store (which is the original Costco, let me remind you!) and the Issaquah store.  I go about 3-4 times a month, for both business and pleasure.


I buy most everything at Costco... food, electronics, clothes, household items, etc.  I am single and in my 20's, so not really too much bulk stuff, I like Costco more for the deals on everyday items.  


So back to today.  I noticed that the air conditioner I bought for my condo is now on sale.  I purchased the unit a little less than a month ago for $50 more.  I was not going to bring the unit in, so I brought the receipt in.  Fortunately for me, the Returns man was most helpful; he checked my receipt and gave me $50 cash on the spot.  Love Costco!


Of course I immediately spent the $50 and then some the very same day... getting a couple of Wii games (I just bought the Wii at Costco on Monday:), as well as coupon items Dove soap, toilet paper, San Pellegrino Limonata (which by the way, I take credit for Costco stocking as I wrote them a letter about the need to carry it... they listened!) and a copy of Toy Story on BluRay ($8.50 and comes with a free ticket to Toy Story 3!).  


I'll try to remember to post photos in the future.  Glad to be blogging here.  I am a true Costco fan.   

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3 (small) Financial Failures


These are my three recent financial failures.  My total loss was about $10.00.  But, this bothered me enough that I had to share this story here.

  1. Coffee Filter: I bought these coffee filters.  A week later, I bought a new coffee machine just to realize that my new coffee machine takes different kind of filter. (I love my new coffee machine, by the way).
  2. Pepper: This jar of peppers has a built in grinder.  You can't beat this price ($3.99).  Anyway, I used the grinder too rough one day.  I broke the grinding mechanism.  So, I had to buy another one.
  3. Vitamin D3: I paid regular price 2 weeks ago.  A week later, I received a $3.00 coupon from Costco. 

On all these cases, packages were already opened and I had nobody but myself to blame.  Even though Costco is likely to make refund, my conscience didn't allow me to take them back.

I have to be more careful, that's all.  Embarassed
Anyway, I am out $10.00 and this bothers me somewhat.  Hm...


I bought vitamin D3 with a coupon, then returned it with the old receipt.

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Capital One Savings Account - Best Interest Rate I Know Of


I have three savings accounts including Ing Direct & Emigrant Direct.

Ing Direct & Emigrant Direct are known for their high interest rate.  But, with today's economy, their current interest rate is 1.1%.  This is still a lot better than 0.5% you can get from your local banks.

But, check this out (link).

I just noticed that Capital One has a savings account exclusively for Costco members (that's what it says).  And the interest rate is even better at 1.5%.

I should move all my money.  I mean... ASAP.

They even give me $20.00 for opening an account.

*You have to keep minimum balance of $5k.

** I hope interest rate will go up soon. I miss the day when I used to earn 2.5 - 3% interest.

Costco Savings Account

Update: March 4, 2010

I opened a savings account with Capital One (for Costco members only)

I'm in the process of moving cash. But, first, I have to go through some validation process.

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Costco Shopping - February 11, 2010 (busy day)


* 5th Costco Shopping this year, 2nd time this month.

First of all.  I had 4 hours of sleep last night.  So, I was struggling to stay awake at work.  I had to take an ephedrine pill to get me going (I bought them before they became illegal.  They are in freezer at work.).

I did 3 loads of laundry after work.  Then I went to Costco.

I am doing very good with saving money.  I didn't buy anything luxury.  I didn't buy any toys.  All my food items have low fat & they are good for me.  I bought Jose's Coffee ($8.89) instead of Starbucks ($19.99).

I spent $75.49.  But the gas pushed my grand total over $100.00.

Finally at 9pm, I started to cook.
Now I have a mountain of clean laundry to  take care of.

PS. I broke one egg at home. Yell

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Kirkland (Costco) Organic Caffe Frappe - Mocha


Kirkland (Costco) Organic Caffe Frappe - Mocha

9.5 fl oz organic mocha contains 170 Calories (25 fat calories).
I often eat less than 25 fat calories on lunch.

This is definitely not for me.  But, I almost bought them to treat myself.

I bet they are very tasty.  And they are so cheap.
I wouldn't be surprised if their factory also produces drinks for Starbucks.

Also, they are kind of items you will not see once they are gone.  I can be wrong.  But, if you've been shopping at Costco long enough, you should know what I mean.

Anyway, if you like these kind of drinks from Starbucks?  You must get them. They are Kirkland Signature.  You know they are good.

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When in Doubt, Pick Kirkland Signature over Coupon Item


I needed fabric softener.

Costco had $2.00 coupon on Downy Fabric Enhancer.

From the very start, I thought maybe Kirkland Signature's fabric softener could be a better deal (compared Downy - with $2.00 coupon).

Below is what I saw at Costco... I didn't bring my calculator at that time.  So, I went with my gut feeling and decide not to use $2.00 coupon on Downy.  I bought Kirkland Signature fabric softener instead.

Then I came home and did some calculating.

Downy Fabric Enhancer
150 Loads
$9.96 - ($2.00 coupon) = $7.96
Unit price per load = $.53

Kirkland Signature Fabric Enhancer
174 Loads
$8.69 (everyday price)
Unit price per load = $.50


My gut feeling was right.  Kirkland Signature's fabric softener was still cheaper without coupon.

So, when in doubt? pick Kirkland Signature over coupon items.

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Christmas Time at Costco - Get Ready


Like it or not, here we go.  Get ready for Christmas.

This is what I saw at Costco today (August 20, 2009).

Christmas Costco

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