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But, we needed a place for Costco shoppers to say hi.
I hope you enjoy the stay. Have a nice day.

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2% Executive Membership Rebate Check


I received 2% executive membership rebate check on January.  I am not sure if Janurary is the official month for rebate checks.  Some people haven't received the checks yet.  There has to be a reason why some people haven't received the checks yet.  Maybe Costco will send more checks later.  I am not sure.

Then American Express sends out their rebate check on February.

I upgraded my Costco membership to executive on August 13, 2010.  Last year, I was an executive Costco member for 4 1/2 month.

So extra $50.00 on executive membership pays itself in 5-6 months. I should have upgraded a long time ago.

This check is redeemable only at Costco.

But, this year, I promised myself that I will put all my rebate checks to savings account.  So, I transferred $40.32 from checking to savings.

*This month, I put $330.00 to savings account.

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Costco Coupon, Cookbook, Costco Connection


I got a copy of Costco cookbook. They were passing them out as we left the warehouse 2 days after Thanksgiving, Saturday 27, 2010.

These 236 glossy pages have a lot of pictures and recipes.


December 2010 issue of Costco Connection can be downloaded here


Coupon Book is here

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Costco's 27th Birthday Today


Costco turned 27 years old today.

Costco opened its first warehouse in Seattle, Washington, on September 15, 1983.

Happy Birthday Costco.

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Got Costco Executive Membership


I would like to announce that I am now an executive member at Costco.

Thank you, thank you... Cool

The lady looked up my account and said "This membership will pay for itself, because you spend so much money here"...

I didn't get the black membership card.  Because I use American Express card as a membership, there was no need to take picture & etc...

Whole process took only several minutes.


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OMG. No Costco Bags (Tote Bags)


They are out of Costco Grocery Bags (large reusable grocery bags)
I looked for Costco Bags at Valencia Costco & Oxnard Costco.
They didn't have them.

I always give out my Costco Bags - people love those bags.
I only have 3 in my trunk and I need more.
I don't know if they are going to re-stock them or if this is the end of it.

Update (January 2017) - Above blog is 7 years old.  Now I can tell you that Costco bags come and goIf you don't see them now, you will see them soon enough.  You just need to keep your eyes open.  You will find them sooner or later.

 Large Reusable Grocery Bags
Large reusable grocery bags from Costco


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Online Only Offers 7/26/10 - 8/15/10


I hope you got this too.

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2 more months for Christmas time at Costco


Last year I saw the first sign of Christmas at Costco on August 20th.

3 years ago, I saw the first sign of Christmas (at Costco) on July 31st.

So... we shall see Christmas stuff at Costco in about 2 months.

Get ready...

Most of us have less money this year (I am so poor), but let's try to have fun.

Most of all. don't get sick.  Good health is the best gift.

God bless.

Christmas Don't Be Late~!

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Costco gave me (back) $50


Hello there!  I just got back from Costco.  Unfortunately my car broke down in the parking lot, but that is another story.  


Allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Alan, and I am from Seattle.  The main two Costcos I shop at are the 4th Ave store (which is the original Costco, let me remind you!) and the Issaquah store.  I go about 3-4 times a month, for both business and pleasure.


I buy most everything at Costco... food, electronics, clothes, household items, etc.  I am single and in my 20's, so not really too much bulk stuff, I like Costco more for the deals on everyday items.  


So back to today.  I noticed that the air conditioner I bought for my condo is now on sale.  I purchased the unit a little less than a month ago for $50 more.  I was not going to bring the unit in, so I brought the receipt in.  Fortunately for me, the Returns man was most helpful; he checked my receipt and gave me $50 cash on the spot.  Love Costco!


Of course I immediately spent the $50 and then some the very same day... getting a couple of Wii games (I just bought the Wii at Costco on Monday:), as well as coupon items Dove soap, toilet paper, San Pellegrino Limonata (which by the way, I take credit for Costco stocking as I wrote them a letter about the need to carry it... they listened!) and a copy of Toy Story on BluRay ($8.50 and comes with a free ticket to Toy Story 3!).  


I'll try to remember to post photos in the future.  Glad to be blogging here.  I am a true Costco fan.   

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