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Costco Package Design - Kirkland Signature


I would like to pay respect, and give salute to the designer who created this classic Costco design.  We don't think much of it in our everyday lives.   But, I would be upset if they take away this design.

My experience with Costco will not be the same without these red boxes.  I love those flash and lightning effects.

Look at the design on Energy Shot.  The design reminds me of brain wave, muscle tissue, surge of power, etc.  The design actually represents what Energy Shot is about.  It sold me.  It made me want to buy a box.

Design is folksy (not snotty), effective, tells story, catches eyes, and it feels like this is how it's supposed to be.  This is a great design.

I also like the check marked list. 

Thank you designer, whoever you are.

Costco Fabric Softner

Costco Product Box Design

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Buying a TV


Update: posted bottom of this page


I have 2 old style Television sets.  They are both 27 Inches, and pictures are great.  So, I had no intention of buying new TVs.

TVs are major appliances, I need to save money to buy a house, I thought... 

Then, today, I checked prices on TVs?  They are so cheap.  I can buy a decent 32" TV for about $300.00.  That's rediculous.  I love TV.  TV is my best friend (I know it's pathetic, but that's how it is when you are single).  I have hours of enjoyment every day from TV.  I will get thousands of Dollars worth of fun from a new TV.

I think I am going to buy a 32" TV very soon.  In fact, I shall grab my tape measure and head out to Costco after work tonight.  I would love to watch Darlington Races on wide screen.

I shall buy a really big screen TV when I have a house.


7 hours after I decided to by a new TV, I went to Costco and found 32" Samsung HD TV.  This unit was $339.99 after $30.00 instant rebate.  That's cheaper than my Vitamix blender.  There were number of cheaper units.  But, I bought the most expensive 32" there.  It had the best picture quality.  It took me less than 10 minutes to decide on this unit.

I ate a hot dog and bought gas before I headed back home. 

After I took the TV home, I took a crash course on HD TV setup.  

I learned that I need to rent a HD cable box which will cost me extra $4-$5/mo.  So, I will drive across the town tomorrow on my lunch time to exchange cable boxes.

Then I'll have to pick up some HDMI cables after work.  I will buy the cheapest HDMI cabels.  I do not t believe in expensive cable myth.  HD TV is digital signal.  Signals are in 0's and 1's.  Either it's on or off.  You don't need expensive cable.  That's my belief.

Finally, I will enjoy high definition television .  I have waited long enough. 

I am glad I came to Costco for a quick shopping.  I wanted to see picture quality myself.  The convenience, speed, and piece of mind was well worth of avoiding online shopping.

I was satisfied with my shopping experience.


Update: I called Verizon and asked for cable package upgrade, discount, and price lock for 2 years.  Now, I will pay $120/mo for TV, Cable, & Internet ($15 less than before). And I will have 65 HD Channels.  They will also send me $250 gift credit card.  So, my phone call to Verizon paid for my new HD TV plus $250 cash card.

So, call your cable company for special offer.  If you don't ask, you lose.

I am very happy with my first High Definition TV.  Picture quality is amazing.  TV was only $339.99.  Life is good when your standard is low.  (Don't tell that to my ex girlfriends).

Ipdate 2: A few days later, I still cannot believe how amazing this High Definition Television quality is.  I know my TV doesn't have the best picture quality.  Still, I am blown away.   I heard that they have a prototype TV with 16 times better picture quality than HD TV.  Amazing stuff. 

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Experiment - Costco Pep Shots


As you know, I've been slowing down on my blog considerably.  I feel tired and slow lately.  I have a lot of work and all..  Then I thought this would be the perfect time for a little experiment.

You see, Costco sells energy shots, they look very much like popular 5 hour energy shot. I am going to try them Costco energy shots and we shall see if I will update my blog more often.  This will be fun.

Maybe I will go to Costco tomorrow to pick up those pep shots.
Ah~~ I don't feel like doing it today.

### Update ###

It's Saturday.  I slept 3 hours this morning and visited my parents.  We had a nice lunch, but I was tired.  On my way home I dropped by at Costco there and picked up Kirkland Signature Energy Shots (and a lobster tail, hehe).  I came back home (apartment) at 3:30pm.

At home, I was dozing off on the couch.  I was missing out on good TV.  So, I took one shot of Costco Energy Shot.  It was a grape flavor.  I guess it tastes OK.  I don't drink this for taste, so..

Oh my God, I think it works.  I am no longer sleepy.  I jut took some pictures of the pep shots (below).  I shall steam the lobster soon.

My plan is to take this Energy Shot after work.  I will doze off during the business hours, that's no problem.  But, I would like to get a second wind after work, so I will take care of my personal stuff.

I wil update this blog as I use it more.

PS. Lobster was fantastic.


Monday May 7, 2012:  I took one energy shot at 5pm, before I got off work.  Now it's 2:30am (Tuesday), and I am still awake.  I just had some midnight snack.  I think should drink just a half a shot of these.  I think my body is too small(?) to drink a whole bottle.  Maybe my body needs to get used to this stuff.  I am now going to take a shower and try to go to sleep.  I am worried if I will be tired tomorrow at work.  Oh, I will take a shot of Energy!  Nothing to worry about here, hehe...

Costco Energy Shot - Kirkland Signature

Product information:
Kirkland Signature Energy Shot
Costco Item number: 601180
48 Count x 2 ounce
Sell Price $34.99
Unit price per bottle: $0.729

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Tyson's Wings of Fire is Back. No More Foster Farms


Costco brought back Tyson's Wings of Fire.

On my December 23, 2009 Costco shopping, I bought a bag of Foster Farms' Hot'n Spicy Wings.  They didn't have Tyson's Wings of Fire.  From that time, for 2 years, there was no Wings of Fire.  We had Hot'n Spicy Wings.  But, I like Wings of Fire better.  As Dos Equis man woud say.  "I don't always eat hot wings, but when I do, I prefer Wings of Fire."

I was disappointed that Costco took away Wings of Fire.  Then around December 2011, I saw Wings of Fire back at Costco.  As of February 2012, Costco is still promoting Wings of Fire by sampling them.  People stop by to eat those wings.   As much as I love Wings of Fire, I wouldn't eat there standing up with my hands.  It's not my style.  But, I tell ya, I wanted to talk to people who just ate those wings up close, so I can smell their greasy upper lips.

Costco replaced Wings of Fire with Hot'n Spicy Wings for exactly 2 years.  There has to be some kind of inside story (2 years contract, etc...).  Anyway, this is a pleasant news to me.

* Yes, I took a picture of an empty bag of Wings of Fire 2 years ago.  I know it's crazy.  But, you should know me by now.


Below: Older Package of Tyson's Wings of Fire - Sold by Costco
Photographed December 2009
Costco stopped selling Wings of Fire from this point

Costco Wins of Fire Old Design

Below: Foster Farms' Hot'n Spicy Wings - Sold by Costco
Photographed December 2009
Costco carried Hot'n Spicy Wings for 2 years, until December 2011

Costco Hot's Spicy Wings - Foster Farms

Below: Tyson's Wings of Fire - Sold by Costco
Photographed January 2012
Package now have new design

Costco Hot Wings - New Design

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Fancy Treats Made Possible By Costco


As you know, times are tough, especially for me.  But, thanks to Costco, I manage to treat myself with some fancy stuff now and then. 

Without Costco, I will not enjoy stuff like this.  Maybe I will find similar products.  But, I'll have to look everywhere and shop around.  that's a lot of time and effort.  Costco put stuff together at low price.  Costco makes it possible for me to use my small paychecks and enjoy good (fancy) stuff.  Costco elevates my life-style.  Hence, I love Costco. 

Check it out.

Last month, I bought a can of Starbucks' Hot Cocoa (2.5lb).  They had a $2.50 (?) coupon at that time.  This is a good stuff.  I tell ya, Starbucks is a brand name I hate to love.  I try to avoid Starbucks products, because people who like starbucks seem rich and phony.  But, I have their coffee, coffee mug, and now hot cocoa.  Hot cocoa is slowly becoming my weekly routine.  It gives me a cozy feeling, especially during the holiday season.

Check out the picture below, you can see my basil plants.  :)

Starbucks Hot Cocoa - Costco

On my last Costco shopping, I finally bought a lobster tail.  I only bought one tail, but this tail was over half a pound ($10.79). 

I boiled it for 10 minutes; and ate it with lemon, butter & salt. 

Oh my God! It was so good. I can't believe rich people eat like this whenever they want.  I should eat 1 lobster tail every other month or so.

Costco Lobster

- end -

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Costco will be closed on Thanksgiving Day


FYI: Costco Wholesale will be closed on Thanksgiving Day, November 24th, 2011.

Warehouse Hours & Holiday Closures

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Costco Shopping - August 3, 2011 / Christmas~!!


I had a busy day.

I woke up so late I went to work without taking a shower.

On my lunch time, I came home to take a shower and did three loads of laundry.  Yes, it was a long lunch.

I went to Costco after work.  I didn't buy anything fancy.  I am so poor.  I am trying to be careful with money.  But, look!  Christmas time is here.  I saw a lot of toys and Christmas ribbons at Costco.  "Here we go..." one lady said.

I ate a hotdog and filled the gas tank.

After Costco shopping, I drove to Bed Bath and Beyond for some bargain hunting.   I bought a Yankee Candle (Christmas scent).

I came home past 9pm.

2 minutes after I got home, I got a phone call from The Marijuana Girl. She was putting her hamster cage together.  She wanted some help.  I was at her apartment for 1 hour. 

I came home and ate dinner.  Now it's 1:30AM Friday.

I will be happy if I get good 5 hours sleep. ZZzzz...

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Coffee Grinder Broken - 1 1/2 Years Old


I bought this Cuisinart coffee grinder on December 17, 2009 (at Costco) - Two Christmases ago.

This machine is broken.  It's making different sound now.  And I smell something burning. Coffee is not coming out.

I used this machine almost every day for 16+ months. It has 18 months manufacturer warranty by Cuisinart.  I didn't save the box.  But I have a scanned image of Costco receipt that I can print out.

Mm.. this is a hassle.  I'll have to make an unplanned trip to Costco soon. 

Little things like this distract me such way that I cannot sleep well at night.  I am like that.   The fact that it has 18 months warranty AND I bought it 17 months ago makes me feel like I'm defusing an explosive device.  Does anyone empathize what I'm talking about?

I should juggle my plan and visit Costco ASAP. 


I went to Costco today on my lunch break.   They refunded without asking any question.  After receiving a refund, I looked for new coffee grinder to buy.  But they didn't have any.  So now I only have 2 coffee grinders at home.


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American Express Rebate Check 2011


I received a $215.34 rebate check from American Express (Costco).

I am going to put entire amount to savings account like I promised to myself.

Compare to my last year's check ($170.63) I received $44.61 more this year.

But, I am not too happy about this.  I have a problem with this big check.

Every year, I promise myself that I would spend less money.  Every year, I make less money.  But, my rebate check shows that I spent more money last year.

I am a grown man who doesn't own a house.  I really need to get my priority straight and spend less.  I must try harder.

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