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Costco Tote Bag, shopping bag



Costco tote bags are must have item.  If you don't own them, you are missing out.  I mean, you are missing out big time.

They sell three bags for less than $5.00.  It's roughly $1.50/bag.

At first, I thought Costco's tote bags were supposed to be free for the members.  But if you really think about it $1.50 for a bag is a steal.

Costco Tote Back, shopping
Costco Tote-Bag. Simple design with hand straps and shoulder straps

Refer to above image.  Those three bags contain following items (carrots (10lb), potato (10lb), large watermelon, lemon (5lb), beef jerky (x2), cereal, bread (x2), shampoo, vitamins (x2), yogurt (18pk), tuna (16pk)

With Costco tote bags, a fit person can carry all those items in one trip (I did).  Try doing this with any other shopping bags or boxes from Costco.  It's impossible to carry all that with conventional methods.  It's well worth of investing a few Dollars on these bags.  If you live in an apartment this is a must.

I bring these bags to Costco when I shop, so the cashiers would put items in the bag.

Show this bag to your family and friends, I guarantee they would like to have some too.  I've already given them out.  I had to buy some more.
Below is why I like Costco tote bags.

  • Convenient 
  • Save time
  • Help saving environment
  • Less trash piling at home
  • Of course, they can be used to carry items from different stores

OK? - Buy some


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Costco Hotdog - BBQ style



We have a public park right outside of our work.  Our boss was out on the road, so we scheduled for a quick BBQ lunch at the park.  Some volunteered for beer, some volunteered for labor and chips.

I volunteered for hotdog - and I headed out to Costco.  I bought a pack of Kosher hot dogs (The same hot dog that Costco sells for $1.50 each).

Next day:
When I produced the Kosher dogs from the ice box, all my co-workers gasped.  They didn't expect me to bring full size dogs.

The hotdog was a big hit.  Guys ate 3 each. Girls ate 1 1/2 each.  I thought Costco hotdogs tasted the best.  But they tasted even better off BBQ grill.

Other Costco items used in this lunch picnic:

  • Disposable Plates
  • Onion
  • Ketchup
  • Mustard
  • Paper Towels

Costco Hotdog Grill 

Costco Hotdog, Picnic

 Costco Hotdog Picture

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