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Google Privacy Policy Too Scary. Switching to



Not all search engines collect your personal information like google does.  Some search engines never collect your personal information.

This is my personal message to you.

I say this to all my friends and family who I care about.  I am not getting paid for this.  I have a strong opinion on this as a web developer.

I will make it short.  If you want to know more about it, please search for it.

Google’s privacy policy is becoming too scary.  I stopped using google altogether.  When I visit Youtube, I make sure that I am not logged in as a user.  I stopped using gmail as well.

Currently I am using instead of google. has the best privacy policy I can find.   They do not collect your personal information, period.

Sooner or later you will hear about  Their popularity is skyrocketing thanks go google's new privacy policy.

How much privacy are you willing to give up?  That's the question.  It's OK to use Google if you feel OK about it.  Because they don't mean harm.

But, if you don't like the idea of google knowing everything about you until you die, use

Thank you

Posted By john

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Online Shopping - Geek Edition



I bought a power supply for my new computer.

It was $151, which was a very good deal.  Power supply of this quality easily go for $200.00.  I know, a lot of people spend $200.00 for entire computer.

My computer is highly customized.  It runs 6 hard drives, 2 monitors, and etc...

I was always worried that my current power supply was too weak.

I shall pick one day to take my computer apart and put this monster in.

Also, this power supply will keep my computer quieter.


Posted By john

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I finally hooked up this website to Twitter

Twitter will get updated whenever I post something.

Let's see if it really works.

Posted By john

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Major Delay - Computer Upgrade



My server computer needed to be upgraded. So, I had to open up my machine and moved 400GB data.  This alone took me 2 days.

I can still use my main computer, but I do not have access to most of my data.

I will be handicapped for about 4 days.  Then I should be good for next year or two. 

This is my server computer.  It does nothing but backing up data, play music, & record TV shows occasionally.

It holds 2 DVD, 4 internal HDD, & 4 external HDD.  You can see 2 hard drives hooked up right on top of the machine.  I have RAID-0 on OS drive.  Which means I always have an exact duplicate of the main hard drive (just in case).

I must take care of them money makers.

PS. No no no...  I am not enjoying this.  I used to have fun working on computers though.  In fact, I built this computer from scratch about 9 years ago.  Everything inside the case is replaced once or twice since then.  I miss the time when I used to stay awake 2-3 days at a time, building computers with cheap parts.  CompUSA was a happening place back then...

Posted By john

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